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Drummer Creek Garden Railroad Photo Album
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Spring of 2005 1st. Phase of DCGRR (57kb) GE 44 Tonner emerges from the tunnel (GR50) with mixed freight (42kb) Drummer Creek Freight Depot (Summer 05') (45kb)
Rio Grande Box car on Drummer Creek Depot siding (Summer 05') (56kb) GE 44 Tonner crosses Drummer Creek at a high rate of speed (48kb) Drummer Creek Depot (Summer 05') (60kb)
Drummer Creek Depot (summer 05') (49kb) Mixed freight passes Drummer Creek Depot (66kb) Depot Master steps out to take a look at the Delton Loco Works Railtruck (49kb)
Coal load passes Drummer Creek Depot (summer 05') (39kb) 11.jpg (43kb) 12.jpg (51kb)
New SD45 arrives at Drummer Creek Depot with mixed freight (59kb) 14.jpg (55kb) 15.jpg (56kb)
Winter 2004 (39kb) Winter 2004 (31kb) Winter 2005 (54kb)
Winter 2005 (51kb) Summer 2005 (57kb)