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Drummer Creek Garden Railroad GN #400 SD45
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GN 400 was delivered in May, 1966 to the Dale Street Shops in St. Paul, MN and was christened “Hustle Muscle” by the Great Northern Railway. In 1970, this locomotive became Burlington Northern “6430”

In September, 1973 “6430” underwent Class One repairs at Livingston, Montana and was repainted in cascade green.  At the request of numerous rail fans and employees, “6430” retained its “Hustle Muscle” nickname.


1:1 Prototype Information

Great Northern #400 Hustle Muscle

Builder Date: May, 1966

Builder Number: 31598

Transition: Automatic

Model: SD45

Length: 65’8”

Dynamic Brake: Variable

Builder: EMD

Width: 10’

Air Brake: 26L

Horsepower: 3600

Height: 15’7”

Air Compressor: WBO


Min Cont Speed: 8.5 mph

Fuel Capacity: 4000 Gallons

Weight: 369,340

Main Generator: AR-10

Sand Capacity: 56 Cubic Feet

Starting TE: 91,999

Alternator: D-14

Cooling System: 288 Gallons

Prime Mover: 20-645E3

Aux. Generator: 10 KW

Lube Oil: 294 Gallons

MU Control: Equipped

Traction Motor: D-77

Gear Ratio: 60:17


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