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This model 2-180 started as a Walthers 2-200 and the front end was modified using the Bob Rzasa/Custom Finishes conversion kit. All the side blades were modified to make them movable. I drilled out the hinge points with a number 76 drill and added .020 wire pins. Plastic was used to straighten the front platform and to make the coupler box look better. The front plow was made more correct by adding a fixed blade above the movable one. Wire grab irons were added to the frame front and the front plow cylinder supports.


And then, I got the idea to add the carry wing braces.

I built the brackets and braces from brass.

And then added most of the piping and hoses using brass wire and small wire insulation.


It still needs another coat of paint. And I'd like to make new side blades for the front, the prototype ones angle upwards and the Custom Finishes ones are just straight pieces. Sprung trucks with semi-scale wheelsets and KD no. 58 couplers add a little extra realism.