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Miscellaneous Jordan Data

Miscellaneous Jordan Data

    After having this website for several years now, we have come to the conclusion that we need a page on other data. So, here we are! This page will cover Jordan builders plates, there shop, locomotive, etc.

Jordan's Locomotive

 One question that we have pondered for a long time was what did Jordan use to switch there plant? Well, we received an email from Tim Vermande with a picture and that question was answered. It turns out, atleast in there later years, Jordan used a Plymouth switcher. After a little research, we found that it was built for Cities Service Oil of East Chicago, Ind. in October 1952. It is a Plymouth 25 ton model JDT with car number 5636. Now if we could only find out what Jordan used in there early years...

Jordans plant switcher in 1979. Photo by Tim Vermande.

Manufacturing Plant

  In 1910, Jordan purchased a plot of land in East Chicago, Indiana from the New York Central Railroad. A brick, 2 track building (around 100' wide and 150' long) was built here. This plant was located at the intersection of Michigan and Kennedy Avenues. This small building acted as Jordan's main building until around 1985 when it was closed and the property sold off. At some point, Jordan added some other out buildings and more shop space to the property. The original shop was torn down in 2005, and the rest of the property is still used as a freight car repair facility.

A 2002 ariel view of Jordans property care of Google Earth. The original shop being on the center left side.

So far this is our best phot of the Jordan plant. The spreader (IC X-9147) is a freshly rebuilt 2-200, rebuilt from a knuckle braced machine. O.F. Jordan photo from the collection of John C. LaRue Jr.