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These are the things that we intend to include on this website:

(As of 5/2014, All of the pages have been revised and updated. The only pages not done yet are the Model and "Parts" pages, which will be redone in the coming weeks.)


O.F. Jordan company history

Model/Type descriptions with History of engineering developments

Other Jordan Company Information (Builders plates, shop location, locomotive, etc.)



Scale and detail Drawings

  • Early models

  • "Standard" series

  • A's and J's

Detail Guide

Spreader Operations & Manuals

Specifications and original blueprints

  • 2-200 basic dimensions

  • Type A basic dimensions

  • Knuckle Braced Machine Spec Sheet

  • BN Spreader Spec Sheets

  • Parts

  • Patents


  • O.F. Jordan Co. Brochures

  • O.F. Jordan Co. Advertisements

  • O.F. Jordan Co. Ink Blotters

Model photographs and modelling ideas

  • 2-200 Walthers kits

  • 2-180 Walthers kitbash

  • Overland brass models

Other Jordan Products

Other Spreaders

Bibliography and Links