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  Santa Fe Photo Gallery
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There are currently 9 photos in this gallery

08250102t.jpg (6557 bytes) Date:  Aug. 25, 2001

Location:  California State RR Museum-Sacramento, CA

These two Santa Fe F units are a part of the California State Railroad Museum collection.  During my visit to Sacramento, they were parked along the riverfront allowing this nice afternoon photo.

81070002t.JPG (5486 bytes) Date:  July 1981

Location:  Santa Fe Bakersfield Yard

One of Santa Fe's unique CF7's takes a break from it's yard duty in front of the Amtrak Station on F Street in Bakersfield.

81090603t.JPG (4997 bytes) Date:  September 6, 1981

Location:  Caliente, CA

Heading uphill toward Tehachapi, a Santa Fe train passes the east end of Caliente siding, soon to turn back 180 degrees after traversing the horseshoe curve.

82071103t.JPG (4673 bytes) Date:  July 11, 1982

Location:  Tunnel #9 at Walong

A Santa Fe C30-7 pokes its head out of the west portal of the Loop Tunnel.

86081307t.JPG (4842 bytes) Date:  August 13, 1986

Location:  Walong (Tehachapi Loop)

An eastbound (uphill) pig train passes above the tunnel in the middle of the Tehachapi Loop.

86081313t.JPG (5033 bytes) Date:  August 13, 1986

Location:  below Walong (Tehachapi Loop)

Another eastbound Santa Fe train leans into the curve approaching Tunnel #9.

87040003t.JPG (4384 bytes) Date:  April 1987

Location:  Walong (Tehachapi Loop)

On an overcast spring day, a Westbound (downhill) Santa Fe train with its power exitiong Tunnel #9 directly below its own caboose.

87040005t.JPG (5036 bytes) Date:  April 1987

Location:  Caliente, CA

A long string of power on an Eastbound Santa Fe train on the horseshoe curve at Caliente.

87040007t.JPG (5396 bytes) Date:  April 1987

Location:  Caliente, CA

An eastbound Santa Fe train shown crossing the bridge over Bealville Road and Tehachapi Creek just South of Caliente.