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    Bealville is the former location of a train order station and current location of a 13,270 foot siding, the longest siding on the west slope of Tehachapi Pass.  The old train order station site at Bealville is located about 1 mile north of Highway 58 on Bealville Road.  The road crosses the railroad near the east switch of the siding.  From the road crossing, the old station was located east of the road on the south side of the tracks.  To the west of the road, a section foreman's house once stood near a lone tree that stands today on the south side of the tracks (many railfans today use the tree's shade to escape the heat of the day).   Also to the east of Bealville Road, the railroad turns to the south around a hillside and enters Tunnel #3.  Beyond Tunnel #3 the tracks enter the Clear Creek Ravine and re-appear on the hills above Bealville to the east after emerging from Tunnel #5.  As eastbound trains leave Tunnel #5, they pass the west switch of Cliff siding.

    The area between Tunnel #3 and the west end of Cliff siding were severely damaged by the magnitude 7.5 Kern County Earthquake on July 21, 1952.   The damage was caused due to the White Wolf fault's crossing of the railroad in the Clear Creek Ravine between Tunnel #4 and Tunnel #5.  After rebuilding, the line was relocated between Tunnel #3 and Tunnel #5 and Tunnel #6 was daylighted.  Tunnel #4 was plugged and bypassed and a shoofly was built around Tunnel #5 while it was being rebuilt.  The remains of Tunnel #4's west portal are still visible today, and the grade of the shoofly is now a maintenance road.

(Page corrected on 8/26/2000 with historical information submitted by Mr. John Sweetser)

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Directions to Bealville from Bakersfield:

Travel east on Highway 58 from Highway 99 approximately 20 to 25 miles to Bealville Road (Caliente turnoff); Travel north on Bealville Road approximately 1 mile to railroad crossing

Also, see the map and directions to Caliente.

Nearest services:

Gas/Lodging:  Bakersfield (east 25 miles) or Tehachapi (east 20 miles)

Food:  Bakersfield (West 25 miles), Keene (daytime only, 10 miles east), or Tehachapi (east 20 miles)

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