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Monolith is the first station site east of Tehachapi Summit.  Monolith is home to a very large cement plant which once belonged to the Monolith Portland Cement Co.  The cement plant is still an active customer providing both incoming and outgoing rail traffic.  The railroad is paralleled from Summit east approximately 5 miles to Sand Canyon Road by Tehachapi Boulevard.  Along the road, the railroad crosses the summit basin before reaching the Cache Creek Canyon which it follows into Mojave.

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Map Note:  The rail line shown as "Monolith Railroad" is a long since abandoned and removed narrow gauge operation on the property of the existing cement plant.

Directions:  From the Tehachapi Summit exit off of Highway 58, follow Tehachapi Boulevard east approximately 2 miles (location of cement plant)

Nearest services:  Monolith is located about 5 miles east of the town of Tehachapi.  Gas, food, lodging and retail businesses are all available in Tehachapi.