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logo-sjvr.GIF (9913 bytes)   San Joaquin Valley Railroad
  Photo Gallery
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There are currently 12 photos in this gallery

11300015t.JPG (3514 bytes) Date:  November 30, 2000

Location:  near Levee (on Sunset Railway line southwest of Bakersfield)

SJVR's Sunset job is approaching the Lake Road crossing adjacent to the Heritage Railcar Repair facility.  The main remaining business on the Sunset Railway comes from  the railcar repair facility and a chemical company, both of which are located at the end of operational track near the station site of Levee.

11280010t.JPG (3253 bytes) Date:  November 28, 2000

Location:  near Conner (on Sunset Railway line Southwest of Bakersfield)

On a foggy day, the Sunset job heads West near Conner, hauling damaged railcars to the repair facility near Levee. 

10080003t.JPG (3336 bytes) Date:  October 8, 2000

Location:  Kern Junction

SJVR recently received two additional units, both of which have been put to work in the Bakersfield area.  One of the units, Kyle Railroad GP28 #1829 was found parked on the East leg of the wye at Kern Junction on a quiet Sunday morning.  It is common practice for SJVR power to be tied up away from the Bakersfield terminal over the weekend between the Saturday and Monday shifts.  The other new locomotive is GP20 #2036, which is likewise lettered for SJVR's corporate partner (under StatesRail ownership) Kyle Railroad.

00020101t.JPG (7056 bytes) Date:  February 1, 2000

Location:  Downtown Bakersfield, CA

A Kyle-painted GP20 is shown heading toward the BNSF Bakersfield Yard on the BNSF/UP collection line through Downtown Bakersfield.  The vantage point for the photo is the pedestrian bridge for the Centennial Garden at N Street south of Truxtun Avenue.

00032701t.JPG (5357 bytes) Date:  March 27, 2000

Location:  Kern Junction

A SJVR train waits on the BNSF line at Kern Junction for clearance to proceed eastbound onto UP track.  Kern Junction is located in East Bakersfield where the BNSF and UP main lines connect.

00040601t.JPG (4398 bytes) Date:  April 6, 2000

Location:  Landco Branch near Oil Junction

Two SJVR jobs wait side by side on the Landco Branch just south of Oil Junction.   The Landco Branch is a connector line between Jastro on the BNSF Valley line and Oil Junction on the UP Valley line. 

00042701t.JPG (4842 bytes) Date:  April 27, 2000

Location:  SJVR Buttonwillow Branch west of Bakersfield

The location's station name is Rogas, and can be found at the Stockdale Highway crossing approxiately 10 miles west of Bakersfield.  The SJVR train is heading east, back toward Bakersfield and Kern Junction.

00050901t.JPG (5200 bytes) Date:  May 9, 2000

Location:  Oil Junction

SJVR's Oil City Branch job is shown waiting to enter UP's Valley line on the south leg of the wye at Oil Junction.  The tail track of the wye is actually the Oil City Branch which extends about four miles east through the town of Oildale. 

99012502t.JPG (4622 bytes) Date:  January 25, 1999

Location:  Landco Branch at Oil Junction

The rare event of snow in Bakersfield finds a SJVR GP9 parked on a siding on the Landco Branch at Oil Junction.  The track crossing the lower part of the picture is the UP Bakersfield-Fresno Main Line.

99012521t.JPG (4748 bytes) Date:  January 25, 1999

Location:  Buttonwillow Branch south of Kern Junction

SJVR Buttonwillow Branch jobs waition for clearance to enter the UP Main Line usually stop about 1/2 mile south of the junction to avoid tying up grade crossings at East Truxtun and California Avenues.  Once again, the strange sight of snow on the ground in Bakersfield disguises this industrial area of the City of Bakersfield.

99052402t.JPG (5291 bytes) Date:  May 24, 1999

Location:  Sunset Railway at Conner

To the best of my knowlege, this caboose (numbered SJVR 1) is the only caboose rostered by the San Joaquin Valley RR.  It spent some time at this location, presumably used for back-up moves between this location and the end of the branch about 9 miles west at Levee.  The caboose left the location some time after the photo was taken, and has not been seen in the Bakersfield area since that time.

Note:  The caboose is back at Conner again as of June 2000.

99060702t.JPG (5304 bytes) Date:  June 7, 2000

Location:  UP Bakersfield Yard near Kern Junction

A pair of SJVR GP20's are shown switching cars from a transfer run.  SJVR crews routinely do switching work in both UP and BNSF's Bakersfield Yards, with their terminal located at the west end of BNSF's yard.