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loop to loop


The Loop to Loop concept allows a narrow layout in a variety of configurations. The layout in the Public Library was 4' X 18'. It consisted of two 4' X 6' end loops with a standard 2 X 6' straight in the center. The train on the outside track of the loops essentially ran on a "dog bone" while the inside track ran loop to loop. The outside track was run on DC as usual. The loop section was controlled using a Digitrax DB150 with a PM42 for circuit breaker and auto reversing. Tourtoise Switch Machines with DCC Specialties HAREs for Auto Throw.

The control power can be fully DCC for all tracks but was designed to enable club members who do not have DCC to run on the outside track.


The possibilities seem endless since the design allows a compact layout to fit almost any space available as long as it is at least 4' X 12'.

Special adapters enable the wiring to join with the club's standard jacks and plugs.





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