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Remington Civil War Project

The Grand Opening was July 16th, 2011

In early January 2011, the Piedmont Railroaders began a new adventure - to create a Civil War display for the celebration of the Civil War Sesquicentennial. 150 years ago the Civil War was fought literally in what is now our backyards. We worked with the Fauquier Sesquicentennial Comittee and the Remington Community Partnership to bring to life a model railroad display depicting events that took place in and around Fauquier County. In less than seven months time we were able to build a display that includes the towns of Remington and Warrenton and has over 500 hand painted Civil War figures. The display was located in the town of Remington from July 2011 until March 2015.

The temporary home of our display was at 204 Main Street, which is in the left half of the building now occupied by The Farmer's Wife Bakery. In March 2015 the Landlord informed us that the space was being rented, so we had pack up the display and move it into storage.

The final permanant home of the display will be in the Remington Museum that will be housed in the old Remington Depot building. The building will be moved from its existing location next to the RR tracks to another location in Remington as soon as all of the permits are obtained. Hopefully this will happen in the Spring of 2015.

Hundreds of Civil War soldiers, both blue and gray, were needed to depict scenes of what in reality was thousands of men in a struggle that would change the course of history. The following pictures will give you an idea of how it all came together.

A lot of planning was done to ensure that the display would be functional as well as interesting and somewhat realistic in content. It was built using the same type of construction as our other modular display, so it can be relocated easily when necessary.

As of January 23rd we had the basic module frames built were trying to lay down a track plan.

By February 23rd we had most of the track down and wired.

March was spent mostly on wireing and the cutting of foam for hills and other terrain.

Small sections of scenery began popping up in different areas.

A battle scene in Bealton began to take shape.

The cavalry warmed up for a battle at Brandy Station

Soon we began to see complete scenes including trains.

As we progress, the details begin to emerge.

This is the Remington Depot scene complete with the backdrop beautifully painted by one of our members, Debbi B.

This is the overview of the finished project on opening day, July 16, 2011.

Warrenton is depicted with the station and several other buildings, including the courthouse.

The Remington bridge over the Rappahannock is awesome.

It was great to see the trains running between the battle scenes.

The temporary bridge across the Cedar Run was replaced with a new permanant one in January 2014. The backdrop in this section was painted by our good friend Mary R., chair of the Remington Community Partnership.



The Grand Opening was July 16th, 2011

The display is currently in storage until a new suitable location can be found to display it, or until the Remington Museum is ready.


Every year, a small portion of the Civil War layout is set up at the CW Graffiti House in Brandy Station. 
The layout is operated as a point-to-point at that time. 
The full layout is  12 x 16 feet and runs as both DC and DCC.


When the Remington Freight House is ready for use, the Civil War layout will probably be located in the position shown on
the following floor plan.

Photos were taken by D. Droppa, Jimmy Baird, and Debbi B.


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