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The  Restoration and Preservation  of
Norfolk and Western Railway Caboose 518554

Located in Warrenton at the 4th st. trailhead

Photo by Bill Lee

Caboose  Dimensions
Overall Length 41' 8-3/4"
Overall Width 9' 10-1/2"
Overall Height 15' 6-1/4"
Weight 50,500lbs

Norfolk and Western Railway caboose #518554 was built in 1969 by the International Railway Car Company at Kenton, Ohio as one of 200 C-31 class cars built between the years 1968 and 1971. This caboose was delivered to the N & W Rwy. in the traditional blue body color with yellow lettering and was repainted in safety red when the railroad dropped the blue livery. The Caboose was refitted for pool service in the 1970's and the 3 bunks were removed at that time. The Pool service was designated by the white stripe around the cupola and the change of designation from C-31 to C-31P.  This car was retired from active service in 1994 by the Norfolk Southern Rwy. (formed in the merger of the N & W and the Southern Rwys.) and stored in Roanoke, Va. awaiting disposition.

Caboose #518554 was donated to the Town of Warrenton, Va. in 1995 and moved to the quarry at the current end of track on the NS Warrenton Branch until a site could be prepared in Warrenton.  The head of the Warrenton Branch Greenway hiking and biking trail, located behind the former Southern Rwy. Passenger Depot in Warrenton was chosen as the site to display the caboose.  Site preparation included clearing of dense brush overgrowth, rebuilding the ballast roadbed and relaying of over 400 feet of track including a track switch using donated materials.  The caboose was then moved into town over the highway on a truck trailer and placed on the newly laid rails with a crane.  The interior and exterior of the car was completely restored to an in service appearance and completed in October 1998.

The caboose is opened for public tours on select weekends during the warmer months.  For more information, visit The Fauquier County Parks & Recreation website.  The Piedmont Railroaders are proud of their role in the site preparation, restoration, and on-going support of Caboose #518554 and the certificate received as shown below.


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