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The Piedmont Railroaders is an active club of over 30 members.  We enjoy watching trains, riding trains, and running model trains of various scales at our permanent facility (The Waystation in Remington) and participating in public train shows and community train festivals around the local area.


Monthly Membership Meetings: The Club meets once a month for our monthly business meeting on the fourth Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm at our "Waystation" location in Remington. Members are advised by email prior to the meeting with any specifics that are relevant.  Meetings typically consist of a short business session and a railroad-related presentation to the members.


Operating Sessions

On a weekly basis the club's model train room is open for member's use on Monday evenings between 7:00pm and 9:00pm. The Waystation can be arranged for use in advance by a limited number of people.  Contact the Waystation Manager to make arrangements.  We have a three track "O" layout, a three track HO layout (which operates DC and DCC control systems), a large two track “G” scale layout, and the ability to operate “G” scale live steam as well.

Community Activities and Train Shows

Each year the Club participates in a number of train shows within an hour’s drive of Warrenton. The HO scale modules are constructed to an NMRA compatible specification. This allows Club members to interconnect their modules into different size and shape layouts based upon the amount of space available at a train show. The modules can and sometimes are combined with modules from other clubs to make even larger layouts. Layouts are powered and controlled by a digital command and control system (DCC) manufactured by Digitrax®. Click HERE to see pictures from the various shows.



Some of our club members have speeders and enjoy riding the real rails, but on a smaller scale. If you don't know what a speeder is, then you need to check out the pictures HERE.
And be sure to check out the video HERE.



A monthly newsletter, "The Piedmont Local", is sent to member’s homes either electronically or by the postal service.  It includes all the information that one needs about meetings, minutes, news, stories, important dates and events and information about the programs to be presented at future meetings as well as any significant business matters to be discussed. It also has articles written by and for the members.


Programs and Presentations

Programs are presented as part of the monthly business meetings.

We encourage members to volunteer to do a program for the members on whatever railroad or model railroad topic they desire.



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