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Railroad History  
A Brief History of
The Railroads of
North Central  Virginia



The northcentral part of the State of Virginia is served by two Class I common carrier freight railroads (Norfolk Southern and CSX) plus several shortlines.  Both Amtrak, which provides long distance passenger train service, and the Virginia Railway Express (VRE), which provides local commuter passenger train service, operate over the tracks of the host railroads NS and CSX.

NS and CSX each have a rich history of their existing lines that were assembled from earlier railroads to form today's railroads.  There are also other lines that were constructed and later torn up, plus other lines that were planned and/or started but never completed as shown in the Railroad  Map of North Central Virginia below.  A brief history of each of these lines can found by following the links below:

Railroad  Map  of  North Central  Virginia

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