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Passenger  Trains  Through  Manassas
       Manassas is served by Norfolk Southern, Amtrak, and the Virginia Railway Express (VRE).  It is also the location of a key junction on the NS Piedmont Division mainline between Atlanta, GA, and Alexandria, VA.  From the Manassas Junction, the "B Line" branch heads west to Riverton Junction at Front Royal, Va., and a connection with the NS Virginia Division.    Amtrak and VRE passenger trains running through Manassas reach the Washington DC Union Station via Alexandria, VA.

Amtrak  Trains
Destination  Remarks
19 S New  Orleans, LA  daily
20 N New York, NY  daily
50 N Washington, DC  Monday, Wednesday, Friday
51 S Chicago, IL  Sunday, Wednesday, Friday

Virginia  Railway  Express  Trains
The VRE operates weekday commuting hour and mid day train service.  Their station schedules are posted at their web site,

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