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Sunrise Division Clinics

Sunrise Division Clinics

Modeling Water with Don Francis
(Click on Image for Enlargements* Photos by Gary)
Don used 1/2" thick foam on 1" foam with basic shapes for a starting platform,
cut with a back saw with coarse teeth. The area is typical of western Nebraska
& eastern Colorado. It was painted a latex brown, sprayed and ground foam added.

Don Francis
The poured blue water used about 1 1/2 oz of resins and blue latex paint stirred
into the resin - just a little blue, 6-7 drops, to give the water depth. Envirotex
Lite results in a high gloss finish. Some creep and wicking occurs. A gloss medium
can be applied to the water and rocks. Build up the Envirotex in layers (~1/8").

Blue Lake
For the water base, the ground was painted brown, with flat black in middle for a lot
deeper. Don't paint all the way to shore. The darker the more depth. Envirotex will
expand more for temperature changes as compared to surrounding scenery, so use care.
Mix equal parts of resins Part I and Part II. Stir well, don't worry about bubbles.
Approximately 1/2 hour working time until tacky. Throw away mixing cups and stirrers
they cannot be reused. Some reused mixing cups resulted in water staying tacky 2 yrs.

Deep Lake
For cleanup, use industrial soap (lava). Make sure area is well sealed, envirotex
will drip through very tiny openings. There is very little odor with this brand. Use
a small propane torch to remove the bubbles in the resin by applying heat, holding 6"
away, or can burn up a lot of layout. The bubbles are removed when mixed with carbon
dioxide (CO2) from the flame, or, by using a straw, you can blow on the "water" to
remove the bubbles. Remember to blow!!

Adding CO2
The edges will bead and be rounded. Use straw to breathe on to flow out the "water"
by spreading it out, which will clear it of bubbles and smooth it out. In the photo,
you can see the "hole" created by blowing the resin around. Use different shades of
brown, going lighter towards shore. Always pour resins in multiple layers.

Making an impression
Pour in first layers, add people/boats, then additional layer(s). Add color little
by little. Each layer with another drop of color will darken the water a bit,
starting with only a drop or two. The next layer will cover. Always pour small amounts
with 1/8" maximum, right on top of previous layer.

Smoothing out the resin
For ripples, dry brush with white paint. Envirotex designed to be flat. Use Woodland
Scenics or Art medium on top for ripples. Note: Torch does not speed drying time-only
removes bubbles. Drying time is approximately 2 hours.

"Water" is totally clear
of bubbles.

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Last modified 13 April 2009