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Various Pictures. To be arranged and elaborated and moved around on as time provides !!!!! ....

1-3-5-7-8-9-12-15-17-21-Various pictures as rails were being removed in North Canaan,Ct. a few years ago. This was the 'western' section of the old CNE that still had rail in place within town of North Canaan. This spur had sitting a collection of old boxcars which are now also gone.

2-10-18-19-The old CNE row in Lakeville,Ct. circa 2000. A small portion was preserved as a trail but in this summer stroll it seemed to have few 'walkers' if any.

4-6-Housatonic Railroad train at night I believe heading north out of West Cornwall,Ct.

22-New York and New England Railroad stock certificate.

23-Boston and Albany and later railroads (NYC/PC/Conrail/GTI?) line heading north out of Lanesboro,Ma.

24-Springfield Terminal Railroad train in Lenox,Ma.(which is south of Pittsfield...