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Welcome to Across the West - Designed to be a showcase of the beautiful scenery so plentiful in the West and the trains you see there every day....

Shades of sand & turquoise sky prevail in the desert southwest along most of the BNSF mainline through west Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and the Mojave Desert of California. A major exception being the country from Flagstaff to Williams in Arizona where the Ponderosa Pine dominates.

Spectacular mountains & sweeping vistas take over along the backbone of the intermountain west and greens emerge with a vengeance in the Pacific Northwest down to northern California.

Scenery can change with amazing swiftness as you travel through the west, and a surprise waits around almost every bend and over the next hill where you can often see 60 miles or more ahead.

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9/20/05 - Posted a new Intermountain Gallery in the ATW Intermountain section, and an area map on the ATW Southwest page. Also have a couple of photo galleries in process that will be ready soon.