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Carolinas Division - Lionel Ambassador Program


Below is a rundown of what the Lionel Ambassador Program entails.

Who: The Carolinas Division!

What: Select train clubs that will locally promote, educate, advocate, display and run Lionel trains in their home market

When: The program consist of a 12 month period that begins on July 1, 2015 and will end June 30, 2016.

Where: Locally!

Why: To help leverage existing Lionel fans while increasing the overall brand awareness with your help!

Club responsibilities for the Ambassador Program:

  1. The Lionel team will send your club 200 catalogs, 25 branded hats, one box of Lionel bags and up to $2500.00 (MSRP) of new product to your club. The $2500 is for the entire year, so split it up accordingly!
  2. Your club will showcase the new product you select and share it online and offline with the community.
    1. Example - YouTube video review, Facebook post etc.
  3. Your club should host one public Lionel event per month - minimum of 6 per year, maximum of 12
  4. Your club should produce one public article per month discussing Lionel product - minimum of 6 per year and to share online and offline - maximum of 12
  5. You must submit all required materials to Lauren Morris by the deadline each month to receive credit
    1. Your club will receive a point for each item you complete monthly. Five points maximum per month.
  6. All monthly materials must be submitted by 5pm on the last Friday of each month

At the end of the program, Lionel will announce the 2015-2016 club of the year that will be chosen on the points you earned throughout the year.

Additional required qualifications to participate:

  1. Maintain a positive club image and online/off-line comments surrounding Lionel
  2. Have a safe and public club location for events
  3. Place the new Lionel Ambassador Club logo on your website and club materials
  4. Have a formal relationship with a local dealer
  5. Your club can only feature 100% Lionel and/or American Flyer product during any sponsored event

Common Questions for the Lionel Ambassador Program

  1. What constitutes a Lionel only event? Our club features other manufacture products on layouts etc. Do we have to remove all items?
    1. To be considered an event - your club must promote only Lionel product and cannot promote other manufactures at that specific event. We understand other manufactures product may be a part of a layout - but the event must promote Lionel only. We do not expect you to remove those items from the layout.
    2. Make sure you send us information about your event ahead of time (4-6 weeks) and we will post and promote it on our new web site!
    3. Once the event is complete send us photos of the event, and we will post those as well. Plus, this will get you credit for that month.

  2. What completes an article or post online/offline?
    1. It can be as easy as a sample spotlight post on Facebook
    2. Or a longer article on a featured product, event recap, or even a member of the club talking about their favorite Lionel product. The options are endless. Here is an example of a product spotlight article
    3. Videos can be shot and uploaded directly online or on YouTube.
    4. Do you have a club newsletter? This is a great place to include a quick article for promoting Lionel product.
    5. Make sure you submit links to all your posts/articles so you get credit for that month!

  3. What kind of formal relationship do we need to have with a dealer?
    1. This means directing new consumers to the dealer which is a formal relationship.

  4. Can we get help with promotion of our events? Articles? What is Lionel doing to give back the clubs promotion wise?
    1. We will be happy to promote your events on our social sites and/or web site! The same goes with product spotlights you may produce and articles written. We want this to be a two-way relationship! You promote/support Lionel and we promote/support you.

  5. Do we have to give the product back afterwards?
    1. No! The product is yours. You can choose how you want to spend the $2500.00 worth of product.

  6. What information is required for the monthly report?
    1. At the end of the month - please submit via email links/copies of the articles published and posted online/offline. Also - send details of the events and photos your club participated in. You will receive credit for each task you complete. The submission dates will be sent out in the final paperwork once club finalists are chosen.

  7. Are maintenance costs on the provided equipment covered by Lionel if need be.
    1. Unfortunately, no - your club is responsible for maintenance costs of the equipment used.

  8. Are there any "Ambassador discounts" on equipment purchased from Lionel by club members during the program?
    1. At this time now, but it is in discussion as a possibility. The hard part is being able to verify if a club member is an actual member that is using the discount.

  9. We are an "S" gauge club - and only promote American Flyer not Lionel. Is this separate?
    1. Lionel owns and produces American Flyer. By promoting American Flyer, you are promoting Lionel.


For more information: Lionel Ambassador Program clubs page.


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