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American Civil War Rail Road Historical Society Modeling Tips and Tricks Page

American Civil War Rail Road Historical Society

Modeling Tips and Tricks Page


Tips and Tricks on Historical Civil War Rail-road Modeling
Title Description Source
Ankle Rails Adding Ankle Rails to the Mantua General FILE
Thinning Rods Thinning Mantua Side & Main Rods FILE
Brass Parts Brass Parts Suitable for HO Mantua Gen'l FILE
Tilting Cylinders Tilting Mantua General Cylinders FILE
Master Creations Truck Fixtures Improving BTS / Master Creations Trucks FILE
ALKEM Trucks Tuning ALKEM Trucks FILE
Mantua Rebuild Al Mueller's Suggestions for improving HO Mantua Generals FILE
Throw Bar Making Head Bridles/Throwout Bars for Stub Switches FILE
Stub bridles1 Making Stun Switch Bridles FILE
Northern Virginia Rail Roading Alexandria 1862 N Scale Clinic for N Scale East convention in August 2014 at Dulles Expo center Washington DC area. FILE
Hand Brake Diagram 6 diagrams showing how hand brakes work FILE
Improve the Bachmann 4-4-0 Making The Bachmann 4-4-0 better FILE
HO Scale Flag Art "Print, Cut, Fold" FILE
Resin Casting Simplified Resin Casting by John Canfield FILE
Advanced Building Techniques Building Techniques & supplier info by John Bell FILE
New Motors for Small Civil War Locomotives Factors to Consider in Selecting a New Motor by Frank Doeringer FILE
W.&A.R.R. Right of Way Details Modeling details of W&ARR, FILE
Model Train Track Grades and Maximum Grade Issues Well planned grades can make a layout interesting. Badly planned ones can be a disaster. LINK
Building a 3-D Coach Building a 3-D Coach FILE
Scale Conversion Charts Conversion chart is a quick reference for changing scales. LINK
Improving Tender Appearance on Mantua General by LeBron Matthews FILE
Whyte's System of Locomotive Classification ~ 1900 FILE