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American Civil War Rail Road Historical Society Modeling Tips and Tricks Page

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American Civil War Rail Road Historical Society

Modeling Tips and Tricks Page


Tips and Tricks on Historical Civil War Rail-road Modeling
Title Description Source
Ankle Rails Adding Ankle Rails to the Mantua General FILE
Thinning Rods Thinning Mantua Side & Main Rods FILE
Brass Parts Brass Parts Suitable for HO Mantua Gen'l FILE
Tilting Cylinders Tilting Mantua General Cylinders FILE
Master Creations Truck Fixtures Improving BTS / Master Creations Trucks FILE
ALKEM Trucks Tuning ALKEM Trucks FILE
Mantua Rebuild Al Mueller's Suggestions for improving HO Mantua Generals FILE
Throw Bar Making Head Bridles/Throwout Bars for Stub Switches FILE
Stub bridles1 Making Stun Switch Bridles FILE
Northern Virginia Rail Roading Alexandria 1862 N Scale Clinic for N Scale East convention in August 2014 at Dulles Expo center Washington DC area. FILE
Hand Brake Diagram 6 diagrams showing how hand brakes work FILE
Improve the Bachmann 4-4-0 Making The Bachmann 4-4-0 better FILE
HO Scale Flag Art "Print, Cut, Fold" FILE
Resin Casting Simplified Resin Casting by John Canfield FILE
Advanced Building Techniques Building Techniques & supplier info by John Bell FILE
New Motors for Small Civil War Locomotives Factors to Consider in Selecting a New Motor by Frank Doeringer FILE
W.&A.R.R. Right of Way Details Modeling details of W&ARR, FILE
Model Train Track Grades and Maximum Grade Issues Well planned grades can make a layout interesting. Badly planned ones can be a disaster. LINK
Building a 3-D Coach Building a 3-D Coach FILE
Scale Conversion Charts Conversion chart is a quick reference for changing scales. LINK
Improving Tender Appearance on Mantua General by LeBron Matthews FILE