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American Flyer S Gaugers of the Saint Louis Area
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American Flyer "S" Gaugers of the St. Louis Area

Three local American Flyer model train enthusiasts founded the club in 1975. Since then the club has grown significantly, sponsored numerous public display layouts, and has epitomized its founding motto, "just for the fun of it!" The club's strength and vigor was demonstrated in 1995, 1999, 2003, 2007 and 2011 when it hosted the Annual Fall S Fest, the largest gathering of AF enthusiasts in the World.

Moe Berk, who has been the club's only coordinator since its founding more than three plus decades ago, attributes the clubs continued growth and success to its informality and adopted slogan, "no officers, no rules, no dues; no fooling!" The club is known nationwide for its "non-rules," which are as follows:

  • No dues.
  • No officers, officials, or official staff
  • No constitution or by-laws.
  • Operate on consensus; the majority rules, but the minority has to be able to go along with it or it just isn't done.
  • Participation is essential; individual members perform various tasks.
  • Club funds are generated from the fees collected from operating the club's layouts.
  • Send newsletters to other clubs.

The AFSGSLA membership is open to all AF "S" enthusiasts who are willing to actively participate. Merely contact any clubmember or by email to, express your interest, attend the next club meeting, and ... "YOU'RE A MEMBER!"