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All Aboard Winter Wonderland Set Contents

Winter Wonderland Special Set Contents


  • Original Retail
  • $29.99 (Sears)

    Made in 1966 only, this set has the same 6 panel configuration as the Pioneer 600 differing in that it was decorated as a winter scene. Regular scenic panels were oversprayed with white paint and a "sparkle" material to create a snow effect. The roadways on these panels are a flat black to give the appearance of being wet. The scenery items and house roofs are also oversprayed white to simulate snow. This is the most collectable of the All Aboard sets.

  • Train
  • 21165 Erie "Casey Jones" 4-4-0 Locomotive

    24422 Great Northern Refrigerator Car

    24125 Bethelhem Steel Gondola Car

    24636 American Flyer Lines Red Caboose

    The 1966 Gilbert catalog pictures a train identical to the variation below but lists the above consist in the description.

  • Variation (Pictured in 1966 Catalog)
  • 21107 Pennsylvania 4-4-2 Atlantic Locomotive With Smoke And Choo Choo

    24329 Hooker Chemical Car

    24127 Monon Gondola Car

    24225 Sante Fe Hopper Car

    24631 American Flyer Lines Yellow Caboose

  • Scenic Panels
  • (4) 26261 Curve Panels

    (2) 26262 Straight Panels (One with an uncoupler)

    The whistle, crossover, and switch panels were also offered as winter scenes and available for individual purchase. Original prices at Sears ranged from $4.99 for the straight, curved, and crossover panels to $6.99 for the switch panels. These panels were numbered differently from the regular panels (26261 curve, 26262 straight, 26263 right switch, 26264 left switch, 26265 crossover) and came in plain brown cardboard boxes instead of the more colorful red, white, and blue boxes of the regular panels.

  • Accessories
  • (6) Telephone Poles

    (6) Street Lamps

    (6) Railroad Crossing Signs

    (6) Stop Signs

    (4) 3 1/2" Poplar Trees

    (12) 1 1/2", 2", 2 1/2" Small Trees

    (3) Large (Put Together) Trees

    (2) Picket Fence (1 Long And 1 Short Section)

    (2) Split Rail Fence

    (1) Billboard

    (2) Foot Bridge

    (2) Hill

    (1) Tunnel

    (1) Colonial House (1 1/2 Story)

    (1) Ranch House

    (12) Track Pins

    (6) Track Locks

    (1) 25 Watt Transformer (22033)

    (1) M6788 All Aboard Booklet

    (1) X365-10 "Your Guide To Gilbert" Flyer

  • Current Value
  • Excellent Condition...$900.00

    Information obtained from Greenbergs Guide To American Flyer (Volume 3-Sets), The Toy Train Department Vols. 1 & 2, the 1965 and 66 A.C. Gilbert catalogs, and the TM American Flyer Price Guide for 2012. Train consists are taken from what is shown in the 1965 and 1966 Gilbert catalogs. Factory substitutions were made. Current values should be used as a "guideline" when purchasing or selling sets.

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