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Horseshoe Curve Chapter, NRHS Business Meetings are held at 7:30 pm, on the fourth Tuesday of the Month at:

The Altoona Railroaders Memorial Museum,
1300 9th Avenue, Altoona, PA 16602

Social Meetings may be held at a pre-determined location. Contact Horseshoe Curve NRHS ChapterPresident Francis Givler, Jr. for further details.

You are invited to attend!

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Well, actually, the Altoona Railway Museum Club doesn't presently exist in its original form anymore.

The Altoona Railway Museum Club had its beginnings at the time the Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) ceased to exist and when many of the PRR’s historical sites in the Altoona, Pennsylvania, area were being dismantled.  Although many local facilities were lost, the Altoona Railway Museum Club strived to preserve the heritage of our fore bearers who settled here.

The Club was an informal organization formed in 1965 through the offices of the Blair County Tourist and Convention Bureau (with the assistance Mr. George Kelchner) following Altoona's loss in being designated the site for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's new railroad museum. The Altoona Railway Museum Club, initially a nucleus of approximately a half-dozen people, was formed to promote an awareness of Altoona's rich railroad heritage and to seek ways and means to develop a railroad museum for the greater Altoona area. Subsequently, the group became aware of an organization known as the National Railway Historical Society, and applied for a charter. This charter was granted and the Horseshoe Curve Chapter was officially recognized effective May 11, 1968.  Overtime, the Horseshoe Curve Chapter, NRHS, had a significant role in the successful 1973 establishment of the Altoona Railroaders Memorial Museum.

Today, the Horseshoe Curve Chapter, NRHS, is a tax exempt, non-profit organization which engages in projects to preserve and maintain historical equipment and information relating to the rail transportation industry, particularly as it applies to the Blair County, PA area.  The Horseshoe Curve Chapter, NRHS, also plays an instrumental role in local heritage awareness. The Chapter owns and operates rail passenger equipment as well as restores rolling stock, and it supports all preservation projects of the Altoona Railroaders Memorial Museum.

This site is dedicated to the founders of the "Altoona Railway Museum Club” and the members of the Horseshoe Curve Chapter, NRHS.   In the following pages, you will find extensive information regarding the Altoona Railway Museum Club, the Horseshoe Curve Chapter, NRHS (through August 2013), information regarding the Altoona Railroaders Memorial Museum , Altoona, PA area history, and area Railfan Information.''

We hope you enjoy the site and encourage you to join the NRHS as well as visit the Altoona Railroaders Memorial Museum.

Latest News

This page was last updated on: May 14, 2017!

Greetings all. It's great to be back online. You may notice the content of this site is the same as that found on the previous version of the Horseshoe Curve Chapter, NRHS, website. In 2013, the Chapter decided to move in a different direction so this is no longer the Official website for the Horseshoe Curve Chapter, NRHS. However, the information previously found on this site was believed to be too valuable to be discarded. As such, I created the Altoona Railway Museum Club website in order to preserve those memories. After too long of a delay, the information is once again seeing the light of day. I still have alot of broken code to repair due to the server address transition. If you see any errors, please let me know. I'll make updates as time allows. Thanks for visiting.
18MAR17 Update: I am continuing to make repairs to the code, with some minor updates along the way. Keep visiting!
26MAR17 Update: Winter 2017 edition of the Coal Bucket added to the Memorable Moments of the Past section. Also, repairs continue. I'm just trying to get things corrected before I try to add new information. Keep visiting!
12APR17 Update: Repairs to the majority of the site have been made. I have also made some minor updates to the Railfan's Guide to the Altoona Area. I still need to repair the K-4 Restoration pages. That is the next project. Keep visiting!
30APR17 Update: Repairs to the the K-4 Restoration pages have been made. However, I don't have any information regarding the effort for the years 2011-present. Information will be posted as it becomes available. For further inquiries, please contact the Altoona Railroaders Memorial Museum. If you have photographs and narratives of the 2011-Present restoration effort, feel free to contact me to have them included on this site! Keep visiting!
30APR17 Update: Visit the Railfan's Guide to the Altoona Area!
14MAY17 Update: Changes made to the Table of Contents!
22MAY17 Update: Additions to the Altoona History and Railfan's Guide & Links sections of the Table of Contents!


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Features the Railfan's Guide to the Altoona Area and "Under the Wire: The Altoona & Logan Valley Electric Railway" by Chris Behe and David Seidel




-- "The Coal Bucket" is the Official Newsletter of the Horseshoe Curve Chapter, National Railway Historical Society. --

-- This website contains articles from "The Coal Bucket" as well as additional items. Note: The content of this site was previously found on the Horseshoe Curve Chapter, NRHS website, which was disestablished August 2013. --

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Be sure to visit the Altoona Railroaders Memorial Museum and the Horseshoe Curve National Historic Landmark.

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