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City Of Los Angeles, COLA 16 Budd 10-6 Sleeper - "Pacific Island"

City of Los Angeles, 16th Train, 1950

Click on the thumbnail for a bigger picture.  10-6 Sleeper - "Pacific Island"

Budd was given an order from UP for 50 sleepers for delivery in 1950. These cars were configured with 10 roomettes and 6 bedrooms. It was the largest single-type passenger order and the first from Budd. The cars were given names in the "Pacific" series. When delivered, some cars had the two-tone grey "Overland" paint scheme and some the Streamliner Yellow paint scheme; 25 cars of each color. To further complicate things each exterior color had two different interior color schemes; 12-13 of each exterior color group had a "Group 1" interior color scheme and the rest had the "Group 2" interior color scheme (all according to the PCL list on Yahoo). Pacific Island belonged to the Group 2 (and incidentally was delivered in the Streamliner yellow scheme from the beginning). All cars did eventually get the Streamliner Yellow scheme.

The cars became very popular with the traveling public, and UP used them not only on the "City" trains but all over the system. At the end of the UP passenger era, all remaining cars were taken over by Amtrak.

Union Pacific has retained one car, the Cabarton. It has been rebuilt to a "crew sleeper" for use in their executive train. There are a couple of cars in private ownership as well, one of which is the Pacific Sands, owned by Pullman Adventures and based at the Los Angeles Union Station (LAUPT).

The car from the COLA 16th train, the "Pacific Island" is still in use. It now has the name Mount Vernon and has a heavily modified interior.

The two interior color schemes were as follows:

  • Group 1
  • Walls and ceiling: Gray to match DuPont #11418
  • Roller shades: Cream/exterior face silver
  • Floors: Red rubber/Rust carpet
  • Porters seat: Leather - persimmon
  • Cabins (roomettes): Walls gray - upholstery blue-green, curtains blue
  • Bedrooms: Walls cream DuPont #11092
  • Upholstery: sofas terra cotta, folding chairs turquoise
  • Group 2
  • Walls and ceiling: Blue to match DuPont #11516
  • Roller shades: Cream/exterior face silver
  • Floors: Red rubber/Rust carpet
  • Porters seat: Leather - persimmon
  • Cabins (roomettes): Walls cream
  • Bedrooms: Walls blue DuPont # 11516
  • Upholstery: sofas blue gray, folding chairs terra cotta


The car in the COLA 16th train was the "Pacific Island", later given number 1423.

Available Models

 Model Manufacturer Item Number  TypeNotes
Coachyard 1307 RTR-Brass  
Overland 87040007.1 RTR-Brass  
SOHO 0491 RTR-Brass  
Walthers 932-6354 RTR-Plastic  

My Model

I have the Walthers model of this car. This model has received very good reviews and I believe it will be a nice model for the train. It is ready to go after coupler and weight checks. The trucks will have to get a new coat of paint, since they should be grey for this time frame.

Model Details  Prototype
Body    As delivered, plastic, painted yellow/gray     
Trucks    As delivered, plastic, painted silver    41-CUDO-11[1], Gray
Coupler    As delivered     
Diaphragm    As delivered     
Underbody    As delivered    AC: Frigidaire EM
Interior    As delivered    Group 2 color scheme

[1] The truck designation 41-CUD-11 is used in some Pullman records. This is believed to be the same as the 41-CUDO-11 truck. The possible explanation is that Pullman erroneously recorded the truck as CUD but later corrected it to CUDO.

Interior Color Chart

Please refer to the Color Charts section for the interior colors of the Pacific Island sleeper.

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