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American Flyer Lines

New High-Speed Truc-Train Service

Goods picked up Monday afternoon..

...are delivered in Plasticville on Wednesday morning..

I wanted to have some type of trailer service, and originally considered
using HO trailers on junker flatcars.  Once I discovered that you could use vintage "Wannatoys" trucks with the operating #715 auto unloading flat I picked up a small fleet of trucks at a good price from eBay, and built a small facility from poster board and basswood.  For a theme I borrowed from both the Nickel Plate and the Pennsy and 
American Flyer High-Speed Truc-Train Service was born

The Wannatoys trucks with the larger white tires have thicker axles and can get wedged into the axle mounts on the #715 flats - perhaps some tape on the axle mounts will prevent them from sliding down too far and getting stuck.

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