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North Carolina Service

Amtrak's North Carolina Service

New York -- Washington -- Raleigh -- Greensboro -- Charlotte

The Carolinian and the Piedmont

Schedules effective April 24, 2006.

See Florida Schedules for additional service to Rocky Mount, Raleigh, and Southern Pines.

Official North Carolina DOT passenger rail service page:

Reservations required. See your travel agent, call 1-800-USA-RAIL, or visit for reservations and fare information.

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   Pied-    Caro-           Train Name                         Caro-    Pied-
   mont    linian                                             linian    mont
    R73      R79            Train Number                        R80     R74
   Daily    Daily           Days of Operation                  Daily    Daily
     Read down                                                    Read up
                  miles                                                     .
            7:15a    0  Dp  New York, NY-Penn. Sta. (ET)  Ar   8:58p
          P 7:36a   10      Newark, NJ-Penn. Sta.            D 8:37p
            8:13a   58      Trenton, NJ                      D 7:56p
            8:45a   91      Philadelphia, PA              Dp          
            8:48a       Dp                                Ar D 7:20p
            9:11a  116      Wilmington, DE                   D 6:55p
            9:58a  185      Baltimore, MD-Penn. Sta.         D 6:05p
           10:30a  225  Ar  Washington, DC                Dp        
           10:55a       Dp                                Ar D 5:08p
           11:12a  234      Alexandria, VA                     4:32p
           11:39a  260      Quantico, VA                       4:01p
           11:57a  280      Fredericksburg, VA                 3:41p
            1:02p  334  Ar  Richmond, VA                  Dp   2:46p
            1:10p       Dp                                Ar   2:39p
            1:43p  362      Petersburg, VA                     1:54p
            3:13p  460      Rocky Mount, NC                   12:30p
            3:32p  476      Wilson, NC                        12:10p
            4:03p  502      Selma, NC                         11:41a
            4:42p  531  Ar  Raleigh, NC                   Dp  11:06a
   7:05a    4:50p       Dp                                Ar  10:58a    8:40p
   7:16a    5:03p  540      Cary, NC                          10:43a    8:21p
   7:35a    5:24p  557      Durham, NC                        10:23a    8:02p
   8:11a    6:01p  591      Burlington, NC                     9:43a    7:26p
   8:35a    6:32p  615      Greensboro, NC                     9:21a    7:05p
   8:52a    6:49p  628      High Point, NC                     8:58a    6:45p
   9:26a    7:25p  662      Salisbury, NC                      8:25a    6:13p
   9:42a    7:42p  677      Kannapolis, NC                     8:07a    5:57p
  10:14a    8:14p  704  Ar  Charlotte, NC           (ET)  Dp   7:40a    5:30p

B -- Connecting bus service, see schedule below.
D -- Train stops only to discharge passengers
R -- Reservations required on this train.
P -- Train stops only to receive passengers.
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Connecting Amtrak Thruway Bus Service

High Point - Winston-Salem

  6073     6079            Thruway Bus Number                 6080     6074
  Daily    Daily           Days of Operation                  Daily    Daily
   R73     Rs79            Train Connection                   Rs80      R74
    Read down                                                    Read up
                 miles                                                     .            
  9:15a    7:05p    0  Dp  High Point, NC          (ET)  Ar   8:25a    6:15p
  9:40a    7:45p       Ar  Winston-Salem                 Dp   7:50a    5:50p
                             State Univ, NC            
  9:45a    7:50p   19  Ar  Winston-Salem           (ET)  Dp   7:45a    5:45p
                             Transportation Ctr                            .

R -- Reservations required on this train.
Rs - Reservations required for travel south of Washington

Operated by Winston-Salem Connector.

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Services on the Carolinian

Services on the Piedmont

Scenic Highlights

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North Carolina Train Hosts

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