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Amtrak Florida Service - Southbound

Amtrak's Florida Service

New York - Washington - Richmond -
Charleston/Raleigh - Jacksonville -
Tampa - Miami

Southbound schedule effective April 24, 2006.

Reservations required. See your travel agent, call 1-800-USA-RAIL, or visit for reservations and fare information.

  • Additional Washington-Florida service available on the Auto-Train.

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    Train Name                            Caro-    Palm-   Silver   Silver
                                         linian    etto     Star    Meteor
    Train Number                           R79      R89      R91      R97
    Days of Operation                     Daily    Daily    Daily    Daily
                              miles                                      .
    Connecting Train Number                R67      R67   R95/R195 93/83/151
    Days of Operation                     Daily    Daily    Daily    Daily
    Boston, MA                   0  Dp    9:45p    9:45p    6:05a    9:35a
    New York, NY               231                                   1:50p
    Washington, DC             457  Ar    7:00a    7:00a    1:46p    5:20p
    New York, NY      (ET)       0  Dp    7:15a    6:15a   11:08a    3:15p
      Penna Sta.
    Newark, NJ                  10      P 7:36a  P 6:35a  P11:30a  P 3:38p
    Trenton, NJ                 58        8:13a  P 7:09a  P12:10p  P 4:18p
    Philadelphia, PA-30th St.   91        8:48a  P 7:40a  P12:45p  P 4:52p
    Wilmington, DE             116        9:11a  P 8:04a  P 1:10p  P 5:16p
    Baltimore, MD-Penn Sta.    185        9:58a  P 8:55a  P 2:00p  P 6:20p
    Washington, DC             225  Ar                                
                                    Dp   10:55a  P 9:55a  P 3:05p  P 7:30p
    Alexandria, VA             234       11:12a   10:12a    3:25p  P 7:50p
    Quantico, VA               260       11:39a    ----     ----     ----
    Fredericksburg, VA         280       11:57a    ----     ----     ----
    Richmond, VA               334  Ar    1:02p   11:50a    5:09p    9:40p
                                    Dp    1:10p   12:00n    5:19p    9:50p
    Petersburg, VA             362        1:43p   12:30p    5:57p   10:24p
    Rocky Mount, NC            460        3:13p    1:57p    7:29p   11:56p
    Wilson, NC                 476        3:32p    2:15p    ----     ----
    Selma, NC (Smithfield)     502        4:03p    2:42p    ----     ----
    Raleigh, NC                531        4:50p    ----     9:13p    ----
    Cary, NC                   540        5:03p             9:27p        
    Fayetteville, NC           550                 3:28p             1:29a
    Dillon, SC                 603         To      4:15p
    Florence, SC               633  Ar  Charlotte  5:07p             3:20a
                                    Dp             5:12p             3:28a
    Kingstree, SC              672                 5:48p             4:05a
    Charleston, SC             728                 6:47p             5:06a
    Yemassee, SC               782                 7:36p             5:56a
    Southern Pines, NC         599                         10:39p
    Hamlet, NC                 628                         11:21p
    Camden, SC                 701                         12:50a
    Columbia, SC               734                          1:39a
    Denmark, SC                784                          2:36a
    Savannah, GA           Ar  829                 8:35p    4:24a    6:44a
    (mileage via Columbia) Dp  871                          4:29a    6:50a
    Jessup, GA                 881                          ----     7:44a
    Jacksonville, FL (ET)      977  Ar                      6:50a    9:23a
    B -- Amtrak Thruway Bus connection at Florence, SC.
    P -- Train stops only to receive passengers.
    R -- Reservations required on this train.
    Rs - Reservations required on this train for travel south of Washington.

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    Train 2 arrives from Los Angeles. See separate schedule.

    Train Name                             Silver   Silver   Sunset 
                                            Star    Meteor  Limited
    Train Number                             R91      R97      R2   
    Days of Operation                       Daily    Daily   WeFrMo 
                                miles                             .
    Jacksonville, FL (ET)        977  Dp  B 7:05a             5:00p
                                      Dp    7:15a    9:48a    5:00p
    Palatka, FL                 1035        8:18a   10:54a  D 6:22p
    DeLand, FL (Daytona Beach)  1087        9:07a   11:44a  D 7:09p
    Winter Park, FL             1119        9:54a   12:27p  D 8:03p
    Orlando, FL   (Disney)      1124  Ar   10:17a   12:55p    8:45p
                                      Dp   10:31a    1:10p
    Kissimmee, FL  (Disney)     1142       10:55a    1:32p    Notice:
    Waldo, FL (Gainesville)       58      B 8:30a
    Ocala, FL (Silver Springs)   104      B 9:05a           The Sunset
    Wildwood, FL                 130      B10:05a            Limited
    Dade City, FL                166      B12:00n        is not operating
    Lakeland, FL                1192       11:40a       east of San Antonio
    Tampa, FL                   1223  Ar   12:34p            due to
                                      Dp   12:43p      B    hurricane
    Lakeland, FL                1254  Ar  B12:55p            damage.
                                      Dp  P 1:21p      B
    Winter Haven, FL            1271        1:43p    2:24p
    Sebring, FL                 1221        2:24p    3:05p
    Okeechobee, FL              1263        3:00p    ---- 
    West Palm Beach, FL         1324      D 4:13p  D 4:54p
    Delray Beach, FL            1342      D 4:38p  D 5:24p
    Deerfield Beach, FL         1353      D 4:54p  D 5:40p
    Ft. Lauderdale, FL          1367      D 5:12p  D 6:02p
    Hollywood, FL               1375      D 5:28p  D 6:18p
    Miami, FL (Key West)        1389  Ar    6:05p    6:55p        .
    B -- Amtrak Thruway Bus connections.  
    D -- Train stops only to discharge passsengers.
    P -- Train stops only to receive passengers.
    R -- Reservations required on this train.

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    Amtrak Thruway Connections with Silver Service Trains

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    Services on Florida/Silver Service trains.



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