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Amtrak's Vermonter

Amtrak's Vermonter

(Montréal) - St. Albans - Burlington - Montpelier -
Springfield - New York - Washington

Schedule effective April 24, 2006.

Reservations required. See your travel agent, call 1-800-USA-RAIL, or visit for reservations and fare information.

Services on the Vermonter.
Border crossing information.

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    R55       R57                Train Number                      R56       R54
   Mo-Fr     Sa/Su               Days of Operation                Mo-Fr     Sa/Su 
               H                 Will also Operate                            H
     H                           Will not Operate                   H
      Read down                                                       Read up
                      miles                                                     .
   8:30a     8:30a       0   Dp  St. Albans, Vt [Jay Peak]  Ar    9:25p     9:25p
   9:00a     9:00a      24       Burlington-Essex Jct, VT         8:44p     8:44p
   9:28a     9:28a      47       Waterbury-Stowe, VT              8:16p     8:16p
   9:42a     9:42a      56       Montpelier-Barre, VT             8:02p     8:02p
  10:17a    10:17a      86       Randolph, VT                     7:27p     7:27p
  11:05a    11:05a     118       White River Jct., VT             6:45p     6:45p
  11:23a    11:23a     131       Windsor-Mt. Ascutney, VT         6:20p     6:20p
  11:34a    11:34a     140       Claremont, NH                    6:08p     6:08p
  11:56a    11:56a     157       Bellows Falls, VT                5:45p     5:45p
  12:31p    12:31p     181       Brattleboro, VT                  5:10p     5:10p
   1:19p     1:19p     216       Amherst, MA                      4:20p     4:20p
   2:40p     2:40p     251   Ar  Springfield, MA             Dp   3:15p     3:15p
   2:50p     2:50p           Dp                              Ar   3:00p     3:00p
   3:23p     3:23p     277       Hartford, CT                     2:09p     2:09p
   3:36p     3:36p     288       Berlin, CT                       1:55p     1:55p
   3:47p     3:47p     295       Meriden, CT                      1:45p     1:45p
   4:21p     4:21p     309   Ar  New Haven, CT               Dp   1:22p     1:22p
   4:41p     4:41p           Dp                              Ar   1:06p     1:06p
   5:01p     5:01p     322       Bridgeport, CT                  12:42p    12:42p
   5:28p     5:28p     345       Stamford, CT                    12:18p    12:18p
   6:25p     6:25p     380   Ar  New York, NY (Penn Sta)     Dp  11:30a    11:30a
   6:45p     6:55p           Dp                              Ar  11:13a    10:43a
   7:02p     7:12p     391       Newark, NJ                      10:55a    10:25a
   ----      7:25p     405       Metropark, NJ                    ----     10:10a
   7:35p     7:51p     438       Trenton, NJ                     10:22a     9:50a
   8:02p     8:19p     471   Ar  Philadelphia, PA            Dp   9:53a     9:20a
   8:10p     8:22p           Dp                              Ar   9:50a     9:17a
   8:32p     8:43p     497       Wilmington, DE                   9:30a     8:57a
   9:20p     9:30p     565       Baltimore, MD (Penn Sta)         8:45a     8:10a
   9:33p     9:43p     576       BWI Airport Rail Sta, MD         8:30a     7:56a
 D 9:45p   D 9:56p     597       New Carrollton, MD             P 8:15a   P 7:41a
  10:05p    10:15p     606   Ar  Washington, DC              Dp   8:05a     7:30a

D -- Stops only to deposit passengers.
H -- Train will also/will not operate 5/29, 7/4, and 9/4.
P -- Stops only to pick passengers up. 
R -- Indicates an all-reserved train.

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Services on the Vermonter:

Click here for additional service and route information.

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The Ethan Allen Express and Vermonter are financed primarily through funds made available by the Vermont State Department of Transportation. State supported trains are operated at the discretion of each state and their operation is dependent upon continued state financial support.

The Ethan Allen Express provides service between New York and Rutland, VT.

Click here for service and travel information directly Amtrak's WWW page.

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Crossing U.S. Borders: Customs and Immigration Information

Amtrak trains crossing international borders are subject to Customs and Immigration inspections en route. Although time is allotted in Amtrak schedules for these inspections, Customs and Immigration officials may delay trains if necessary for the performance of their duties.

Entry into Canada/US U.S. or Canadian citizens crossing the U.S./Canadian border are required to have a passport, birth certificate, citizenship certificate, or naturalization certificate. (Note: a driver's license is not sufficient). Non-U.S. citizens permanently or temporarily residing in the United States must have an Alien Registration Card (I-551 or I-688 bearing the proper endorsement on the reverse). All citizens of countries other than the United States or Canada not bearing an Alien Registration Card must have a passport, and citizens of many countries must also have a visa, U.S. Employment Authorization Card showing 210 as a section of law, or Canadian Form IMM 1000. Passengers not having the proper documentation are prohibited from entering the U.S. or Canada and will be detained prior to reaching the U.S./Canadian border. Persons under 18 years old who are not accompanied by an adult must bring a letter from a parent or guardian giving them permission to enter into Canada. Passengers planning international travel should write for customs information to: U.S. Bureau of Customs, 1301 Constitution Avenue NW, Room 6303, Washington DC 20229, or Embassy of Canada, Consular and Visa Section, 501 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington DC 20001.

Click here for border crossing information from Amtrak.