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Amtrak Milwaukee Schedules

Amtrak's Hiawatha Service

Chicago - Glenview - Sturtevant - Milwaukee

Schedule effective April 24, 2006.

See your travel agent, call 1-800-USA-RAIL, or visit for reservations and fare information.

Services on these trains.
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Train Number                 329     331     333     335     337     339     341
Days of Operation           Mo-Sa   Daily   Daily   Daily   Daily   Daily   Daily
Chicago,IL  CT      0  Dp   6:00a   8:25a  10:20a   1:05p   3:15p   5:08p   8:05p
Glenview,IL        18       6:22a   8:47a  10:42a   1:27p   3:37p   5:32p   8:27p
Sturtevant,WI *    62       6:59a   9:24a  11:19a   2:04p   4:14p   6:13p   9:04p
Milwaukee Airport  78       7:14a   9:39a  11:34a   2:19p   4:29p   6:28p   9:19p
Milwaukee          86  Ar   7:29a   9:54a  11:49a   2:34p   4:44p   6:45p   9:34p

Train Number                330     332     334     336     338     340     342
Days of Operation          Mo-Sa   Daily   Daily   Daily   Daily   Daily   Daily
Milwaukee, WI       0  Dp   6:15a   8:00a  10:50a   1:00p   3:00p   5:45p   7:30p
Milwaukee Airport   8       6:26a   8:10a  11:00a   1:100   3:10p   5:55p   7:40p
Sturtevant, WI *   24       6:44a   8:24a  11:14a   1:24p   3:24p   6:09p   7:54p
Glenview IL        68       7:25a   9:01a  11:51a   2:01p   4:01p   6:46p   8:31p
Chicago IL    CT   86   Ar  7:57a   9:29a  12:19p   2:29p   4:29p   7:14p   8:59p

* The Sturtevant station will be relocated to 9900 East Exploration Ct., Sturtevant, WI, 53177 at a date to be announced.
Please consult Amtrak for effective date.
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Connecting Interline Services

Chicago - Indianapolis - Louisville

Milwaukee - Oshkosh - Wausau

  7335            Thruway Bus Number        7338
   335            Connecting Train Number    338
  Daily           Days of Operation         Daily
  2:50p    0  Dp  Milwaukee, WI (CT)   Ar   1:50p
  3:45p   62  Ar  Fond du Lac, WI      Dp  12:30p
  4:20p   81      Oshkosh, WI              11:55a
  5:00p  101      Appleton, WI             11:05a
  5:35p  121      New London, WI           10:35a
  6:00p  136      Clintonville, WI         10:10a
  6:10p  143      Marion, WI               10:00a
  6:20p  154      Tigerton, WI              9:50a
  6:30p  163      Wittenberg, WI            9:30a
  7:15p  190  Ar  Wausau, WI  (CT)     Dp   8:50a

Operated by Lamers Bus Lines.

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