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Trains to Kansas City via St. Louis

Amtrak's St. Louis Service

Chicago -- St. Louis -- Kansas City

Schedule effective April 24, 2006

Reservations required on all trains. See your travel
agent, call 1-800-USA-RAIL, or visit for reservations and fare information.


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Chicago to St. Louis and Kansas City

Train Name                       K.C.       Ann       Ann      Texas     State
                                 Mule    Rutledge  Rutledge    Eagle     House
Train Number                     R311    R303/323  R313/323     R21      R305
Days of Operation                Daily     Daily     Daily     Daily     Daily
                      miles                                                  .
Chicago (Union Sta) CT   0  Dp             8:15a               3:20p     5:15p
Summit, IL              12                 8:37a               ----      5:37p
Joliet, IL              37                 9:05a               4:15p     6:05p
Dwight, IL              74                 9:39a               ----      6:39p
Pontiac, IL             92                 9:56a               5:02p     6:56p
Bloomington-Normal     124                10:29a               5:39p     7:29p
Lincoln, IL            156                11:00a               6:12p     8:02p
Springfield, IL        185                11:35a               6:49p     8:39p
Carlinville, IL        224                12:12p               ----      9:19p
Alton, IL              257                12:43p               7:56p     9:50p
St. Louis, MO          284  Ar           T 1:58p               8:55p    10:43p
                            Dp   7:30a      --->   T 2:30p     9:05p        
Kirkwood, MO           297       8:00a               2:59p  
Washington, MO         335       8:45a               3:36p      To
Hermann, MO            365       9:25a               4:04p      San
Jefferson City, MO     409      10:51a               5:52p    Antonio
Sedalia, MO            473      11:01p               7:03p
Warrensburg, MO        502      12:35p               7:36p
Lees Summit, MO        544       1:19p               8:20p
Independence, MO       557       1:35p               8:36p
Kansas City, MO   CT   587  Ar   2:10p               9:10p                   .

R -- All reserved train.
T -- The Ann Rutledge operates as a through train (no change) 
     from Chicago to Kansas City.

Additional daily service to Kansas City via Galesburg on all-reserved train 3, Southwest Chief, departs Chicago 3:15p and arrives in Kansas City at 10:11p.

St. Louis and Kansas City to Chicago

Train Name                       State     Texas      Ann       Ann   St. Louis
                                 House     Eagle   Rutledge  Rutledge    Mule
Train number                     R300      R22     R314/324  R304/324    R316
Days of Operation                Daily     Daily     Daily     Daily     Daily
                      miles                                                  .
Kansas City, MO    CT    0  Dp                       7:30a               4:30p
Independence, MO        10                           7:49a               4:49p
Lees Summit, MO         23                           8:06a               5:05p
Warrensburg, MO         65                           8:49a               5:49p
Sedalia, MO             94                           9:19a               6:19p
Jefferson City, MO     156                 From     10:33a               7:33p
Hermann, MO            202                 San      11:33a               8:18p
Washington, MO         231                Antonio   12:13p               8:46p
Kirkwood, MO           270                          12:58p              10:28p
St. Louis, MO          283  Ar             8:09a   T 2:10p              11:10p
                            Dp   4:35a     8:30a      --->   T 2:45p
Alton, IL              309       5:21a     9:18a               3:31p
Carlinville, IL        343       5:51a     ----                4:01p
Springfield, IL        382       6:33a    10:29a               5:42p
Lincoln, IL            410       7:01a    10:59a               5:12p
Bloomington-Normal IL  443       7:31a    11:42a               5:46p
Pontiac, IL            475       7:59a    12:13p               6:14p
Dwight, IL             493       8:17a     ----                6:32p
Joliet, IL             529       8:54a   D 1:10p               7:07p
Summit, IL             555       9:19a     ----                7:32p
Chicago-Union Sta  CT  567  Ar   9:55a     2:14p               8:20p         .

R -- All reserved train.
T -- The Ann Rutledge operates as a through train (no change) 
     from Kansas City to Chicago.

Additional daily service from Kansas City to Chicago via Galesburg on all-reserved train 4, Southwest Chief, departs Kansas City at 7:45a and arrives in Chicago at 3:20p.

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Connecting Services


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Services on board the Statehouse (300/305), the Ann Rutledge (303/304), and the Mules (301/306)

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