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City of New Orleans

Chicago - Champaign-Urbana - Carbondale - Memphis - Jackson - New Orleans

Schedule effective April 24, 2006

Reservations required. See your travel agent, call 1-800-USA-RAIL, or visit for reservations and fare information.

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    59             Train number                          58
   Daily           Days of Operation                    Daily
 Read down                                             Read up

   8:00p    0  Dp  Chicago, IL (Union Sta.) (CT)  Ar    9:00a
 M 8:54p   25      Homewood, IL                       M 7:44a
 F 9:23p   57      Kankakee, IL                       F 7:13a
  10:34p  129      Champaign-Urbana, IL                 6:10a
 F11:13p  174      Mattoon, IL (Charleston)           F 5:23a
 F11:37p  201      Effingham, IL                      F 4:57a
 F12:25a  254      Centralia, IL                      F 4:10a
   1:21a  310  Ar  Carbondale, IL                       3:16a
            Amtrak Thruway Bus Connection to/from
            St. Louis/Kansas City, MO (see below)
   1:28a  310  Dp  Carbondale, IL                 Ar    3:11a
 F 3:14a  407      Fulton, KY ;                        F1:04a
 F 3:56a  442      Newbern-Dyersburg, TN              F12:22a
   6:27a  520  Ar  Memphis, TN                         10:40p
   6:50a       Dp  Memphis, TN                    Ar   10:00p
   9:00a  644      Greenwood, MS                        7:37p
 F 9:51a  697      Yazoo City, MS                     F 6:42p
  11:20a  741      Jackson MS                           5:44p
 F11:56a  777      Hazlehurst, MS                     F 4:24p
 F12:17p  797      Brookhaven, MS                     F 4:03p
 F12:41p  821      McComb, MS                         F 3:38p
   1:35p  873      Hammond, LA                          2:48p
   3:32p  926  Ar  New Orleans, LA          (CT)  Dp    1:45p

F -- Stops only on signal, or advance notice to conductor
M -- Passengers not carried locally between Homewood and Chicago except
     when connecting at Chicago with other Amtrak trains. Connections at
     Homewood with Metra's Electric Division line to Chicago (Randolph 
     Street Sta.).
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Connecting services:

Rapid Transit Connections

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