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California Zephyr

Amtrak's California Zephyr

Chicago-Denver-San Francisco

Schedule effective April 24, 2006.

Reservations required. See your travel agent, call 1-800-USA-RAIL, or visit for reservations and fare information.

Scenic Highlights along the route.
Connecting services.
Services on the California Zephyr.

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    5              Train Number                                 6
  Daily            Days of Operation                          Daily
Read Down                                                    Read Up
         miles                                                    .
  1:50p     0  Dp  Chicago, IL-Union Station    *  (CT) Ar    3:20p
M 2:24p    28      Naperville, IL (Metra/BN Line)           M 1:47p
  3:34p   104      Princeton, IL                             12:35p
  4:28p   162      Galesburg, IL-S. Seminary St.             11:44a
  5:15p   205      Burlington, IA                            10:56a
  5:49p   233      Mt. Pleasant, IA                          10:24a
  6:43p   279      Ottumwa, IA                                9:39a
  7:59p   359      Osceola, IA (Des Moines)                   8:10a
  8:31p   392      Creston, IA                                7:34a
 10:19p   500  Ar  Omaha, NE  (Kansas City)             Dp    5:44a
 10:39p        Dp                                       Ar    5:29a
 12:18a   555  Ar  Lincoln, NE                          Dp    4:17a
 12:24a        Dp                                       Ar    4:11a
  1:57a   652      Hastings, NE (Grand Island)                1:57a
  2:44a   706      Holdrege, NE                               1:09a
  3:53a   783      McCook, NE                      (CT)      11:59p
  5:15a   960      Fort Morgan, CO (Sterling)      (MT)       8:40p
  7:30a  1038  Ar  Denver, CO  *                        Dp    7:25p
  8:05a        Dp   (Colorado Springs/Pueblo)           Ar    6:58p
 10:07a  1100      Fraser-Winter Park, CO                     4:10p
 10:37a  1113      Granby, CO (Rocky Mt. Natl. Park)          3:32p
  1:53p  1223      Glenwood Springs, CO (Aspen)  *           12:30p
  4:10p  1311      Grand Junction, CO  *                     10:43a
  5:58p  1417      Green River, UT                            8:19a
  7:25p  1488      Helper, UT (Price)                         6:57a
  9:31p  1563      Provo, UT                                  4:50a
 11:33p  1608  Ar  Salt Lake City, UT. *           (MT) Dp    3:45a
 11:59p        Dp   (Pocatello/Boise/Ogden)             Ar    3:15a
  3:21a  1871      Elko, NV                        (PT)       9:40p
  6:13a  2013      Winnemucca, NV                             7:05p
  8:55a  2199      Sparks, NV  *                              4:08p 
  9:14a  2202      Reno, NV  *                                3:58p
 10:15a  2237      Truckee, CA (Lake Tahoe)                   2:43p
 12:26p  2301      Colfax, CA                                12:26p
  1:35p  2336      Roseville, CA                             11:40a
D 2:15p  2353      Sacramento, CA  *                         11:14a
D 2:46p  2367      Davis, CA                                 10:36a
D 3:28p  2411      Martinez, CA (San Joaquin Trains)          9:54a
  4:49p  2438  Ar  Emeryville, CA (San Francisco)  (PT) Dp    9:15a

D -- Stops only to discharge passengers.
M -- Passengers not carried locally between Naperville and Chicago
     except when connecting to/from another Amtrak train.
* -- An Amtrak Vacation Destination.  Visit the Amtrak Vacations site
     for details.

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Thruway Motorcoach Connections

Casper - Cheyenne - Denver(Powder River)

    6        5             Connecting Train Number                     5        6    
  8106     8105            Thruway Number                            8205     8206
                 miles                                                            .
  9:30a   10:25p    0  Dp  Casper, WY                           Ar   4:10p    3:40a
 10:30a   11:35p           Douglas, WY                               3:00p    
 11:25a   12:30a           Wheatland, WY                             2:00p    
 12:45p    2:00a           Cheyenne, WY                  (MT)       12:40p   12:40a
  1:50p    3:10a   42      Fort Collins, CO                         11:30a   11:40p
  2:40p    4:00a           Greeley, CO                              10:30a   10:50p
  3:20p    4:40a   71      Longmont, CO                               
  4:00p    5:20a   87      Boulder, CO                          Ar   9:20a   
  4:25p    6:00a  114  Ar  Denver, CO-Union Station * (MT)      Dp   8:15a    8:45p 

Denver - Vail - Glenwood Springs(Greyhound Lines)

  8805    8905             Thruway Number                       8706    8806
                miles                                                       .
  8:20a            0  Dp  Denver, CO-Union Station  *   (MT)    5:10p
  9:45a   9:45a   71      Frisco, CO                           P3:35p   6:15p
 10:20a P10:25a  100      Vail, CO                             P3:00p   5:35p
         11:35a  160  Ar  Glenwood Springs, CO  *    (MT) Dp            4:25p

D -- Stops only to discharge passengers. 
P -- Stops only to receive passengers.

Boise - Twin Falls, ID - Ogden - Salt Lake City (Greyhound)

             6          Connecting Train                     5
  8441     8447         Thruway Bus Number                 8440     8446
  Daily    Daily        Days of Operation                  Daily    Daily
 10:50p   11:25a  Dp  Boise, ID-Greyhound Sta. (MT)   Ar   8:05p    6:50a
 11:50p   12:45p      Mountain Home, ID-Greyhound Sta.     6:25p    5:55a
  1:25a    2:15p      Twin Falls, ID-Greyhound Station     4:50p    4:20a
  5:15a    6:00p      Ogden, UT-Greyhound Station         12:55p   12:30a
  6:00a    6:45p  Ar  Salt Lake City, UT-Greyhound    Dp  12:01p   11:45p

Glenwood Springs - Aspen - Vail (Colorado Mountain Express)

   5                     Connecting Train                        6
7305/7705                 Thruway Number                    7606/7806
  2:10p       Dp  Glenwood Springs, CO              (MT)  Ar   12:00n
  3:25p       Ar  Aspen/Snowmass Resort Area, CO          Dp   10:45a
  3:25p       Ar  Vail/Beaver Creek Resort Area, CO (MT)  Dp   10:45a
7605/7805           Thruway Number                          7306/7706
 12:00n       Dp  Vail/Beaver Creek Resort Area, CO (MT)  Ar    2:00p
 12:00n       Dp  Aspen/Snowmass Resort Area, CO          Ar    2:00p
  1:15p       Ar  Glenwood Springs, CO              (MT)  Dp   12:45p

Salt Lake City - Las Vegas (Greyhound Lines)

  8453             Thruway Number                  8456     8458
  Daily           Days of Operation                Daily    Daily
        miles                                                   .
  8:30a    0  Dp  Salt Lake City, UT   (MT)  Ar    3:10p    7:00a
                    Greyhound Station
  9:25a           Provo, UT                        2:15p    6:05a
  2:15p           St. George, UT       (MT)        9:40a    1:25a
  2:05p           Mesquite, NV         (PT)        7:15a
  3:30p  206  Ar  Las Vegas, NV        (PT)  Dp    5:40a   10:10p
                    Greyhound Sta.

Springfield, Il - Galesburg Classic Limo Service

    5             Connecting Train Number            6
  5522            Thruway Bus Number               5521
  Daily           Days of Operation                Daily
        miles                                          .
 12:10p    0  Dp  Springfield, IL - Amtrak         5:45p
  2:25p           Galesburg, IL - Amtrak           3:30p

Connecting Local Services

CTA connections to Chicago Airports
Regional Transit light rail & bus:(303) 299-6000;
Salt Lake City
Utah Transit Authority (UTA)TRAX (light rail) & bus:(801) 287-7425;
Regional Transitlight rail & bus:(916) 321-2877;
San Francisco Bay Area

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Scenic Highlights

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  • Updated to April 24 schedules on April 18, 2006 by Bill Edwards
  • These schedules authorized by Amtrak,and provided by volunteers from the railroad newsgroup.
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