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Million Amtrak Mile Trip Report

April 5th I went to Knolwoods where at 5:30 where everyone would be meeting for a sendoff party to eat before going to the Train station, then at around 7 everyone went to the Platform to wait for the train.

The train was very busy and crowded, but when it got late enough everyone went back to there seats and I was able to take some pictures around the train

The next day we got to Albuquerque NM. First I went with Tom Anderson and Chris Guenzler to the Coldstone Icecream not far from the station, then Me and Tom went to find a Subway resteruant, but it was closed, so we ended up going to the small Resteruant in the Greyhound Bus station instead, after that Me,Larry, and Chris Parker went to take pictures of the round table and transfer table that were in the yard before the train station.

Then it was time to go and get on the train

Later That day when there was more Scenery to see and I took some pictures

When the train stoped in Raton, I took a Picture of the train Then got back on the train ang went to the Lounge Car to take more pictures

When the train arrirved in La Junta I was able to get off and take some pictures of the train

The next day we got to Kansas City, I got off the train again

Soon we were arriving into La Plata and Cris Guensler got his Millionth Amtrak Rail Mile

Everyone went to the Silver Rails Event Center

Then to the Depot Inn to check in after the trip

Later on we went for a tour of La Plata

Then went to watch trains at the Look out

At 6pm it was time to go back to the Event Center

I was not going to be spending the night in La Plata and nether was Tom so we went to the train station cause it was time to go

Our train had a Pacific Parlour Car on the end DeadHeading back to LA to the Coaststarlight, but it had been newly refurbished with a new paint job, so when we got to Kansas City Me and Tom went to go see it

when it was time to get back on the train, it started raining

Durring the Trip, we switched to sleeper, so sleep was much easier, the next day was very bright with lots of scenery

Tom had been talking to our sleeper car Attendant who wanted to see the inside changes made to the Parlour car, and said he would let us see when he went back to look at it!

He pointed out that it had a new Brass whine cabnite made of glass, more brass trim, Electrical outlets everywhere, and down stairs the theater was locked with a big cable lock protecting a new plasma screen tv inside, with the window covered with paper from the inside to keep you from seeing it.

The trip was almost over, but there was still lots to see

Next the train arrived in Fullerton, we got off and watched the train leave, the end

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