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Amtrak In Iowa Home

Photo Set 1

California Trip (09/02/03 - 09/09/03)

Mud missile #99 leads Amtrak 5 into Mt.Pleasant, Iowa.  09/02/03

Denver Conductor Bob Doney watching his Asst. Conductor back #5 into Denver.  He's probably ready to go home after being on the train since Omaha.  09/03/03

#99 again, with blue flags this time.  09/03/03.

Fishermen in the Colorado River, somewhere up there in the Rockies.  09/03/03

One of the most expensive pieces of highway to build in Amerika, I-70 thru Glenwood Canyon.  09/03/03

Train 5 preparing to depart Sacramento without me aboard... that's my Sleeping Car Attendant in the middle.  09/04/03

The only SP Cab-Forward in existence today sits at the California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento.  09/04/03

The American River Canyon as seen from a major Class I Railroad's private property.  09/05/03

We chased this train several miles down Donner Pass before getting far enough ahead to set up a photo-op.  And look, it didn't even turn out that great either.  09/05/03

And a big old sunspot at Keddie Wye.  09/06/03

Donner Lake (and Pass) -- Lots of rock-climbing and trespassing on old torn-up roadbed was done here today.  09/06/03

Amtrak-159-East at Norden (near the Summit of Donner Pass).  I'll go by here on tomorrow's train.  09/06/03

Golden Gate Bridge (duh).  09/07/03

These little guys are best served as fillets over a bed of seasoned rice, topped with lemon pepper and a crushed-tomato sauce.  A bottle of any wine you can find helps to chase it down.  09/07/03

The (very nice) AmShack in Emeryville, California.  09/07/03

F59PHI #2013 pushes Capitol Corridor train 724 towards Sacramento.  This was the first time I've heard an F59PHI load up from Idle... My first thought was "It sounds just like train-sim!" [the add-on pack by 3DTrains and Facing Point Media].  Then I thought "Wait a minute, 3DTrains and Facing Point's products sound just like the real thing!"  09/07/03

Amtrak-181-East leading Train 6 into the Emeryville depot from West Oakland Yard.  This is my ride home.  09/07/03

The Book Cliffs of Eastern Utah.  This is near a siding called Sphinx.  09/08/03

Conductors on Train 6 from Grand Junction to Denver, this is at Glenwood Springs.  09/08/03

Train 6 quickly approaching the platform at Fraser, Colorado.  09/08/03

Train 6 plunging into Moffat Tunnel (the Continental Divide).  Yes I had the window open.  09/08/03

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