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Photo Set 2

Screen shots from BNSF's Chicago Racetrack for Train Simulator.

My route is still in beta stages but a public release is planned via the File Library when the package is complete.  It covers trackage from Chicago Union Station to Montgomery, IL.  The full release will include plenty of Amtrak and Metra commuter activities.  I am creating some custom models for the route, and by the time this package is released I will have a different station at each of the 27 stops on the line.  Currently there are a lot of default and 3rd-party objects placed here, they are simply for placement and I have not obtained permission to release them in my own route.  If you are a developer that finds your work in the following photos (against your will), do not panic, as I intend to follow your wishes on the re-distribution of your work.  Chances are they will eventually be replaced with something I create.  You'll notice most, if not all, of my objects aren't textured all that well yet -- its a skill I'm still learning and the final release will probably not look like what you see here,

This tour of the partially completed route is on beta build 20.316.114.  Since there isn't much available yet in the train-sim world for Metra equipment, we'll be touring the line with a Pacific Surfliner consist that Metra is "borrowing" from the Amtrak-West equipment pool.  All photos have been cropped and resized and the trainset used is courtesy of the guys at 3DTrains and Facing Point Media.


Here we are preparing to depart from the Aurora Transportation Center.

This yard should be full of empty commuter trains.

West Eola -- The beginning of the Racetrack.  Its triple-track from here to downtown.

I'm centering my efforts on this route around passenger operations, so the big rail yards feature "Dummy Cars," which give yards a 'full' effect but don't kill framerates in the simulation.  Dummy Cars are not interactive.

Lots of commuters parked at the Route 59 station.

Naperville Curve.

The curve at Canal Street, one of the most notable pieces of Chicago's skyline comes into view.

The big interlocking near Roosevelt Road.

Under the train shed at Chicago Union Station.

The platforms of Chicago Union Station -- devoid of people.

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