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Oklahoma's Heartland Flyer picture page

Amtrak's Heartland Flyer

The following are views seen from and alongside Amtrak's Heartland Flyer which daily treks from Oklahoma City to Fort Worth, Texas. Click on thumbnail images for larger views..

Help Oklahoma passenger rail supporters expand the Heartland Flyer north to Kansas.

          At Oklahoma City, the capitol of Oklahoma.      

        Into the beautiful and remote Washita River Canyon....      
*Above photo:Bill Accord                      
            Photo: Dwane Stevens   Photo: Dwane Stevens      
          Crossing the Red River from Oklahoma into Texas      
            First stop in Texas, Gainesville.      
        Crossing the Trinity River near the Fort Worth Stockyards.      
        At the Fort Worth Amtrak station.      

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All photos except those marked * by Doug Ohlemeier. 

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