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Fort Wayne RR Historical Society Tool Car #701
Ashtabula, OH
July 23rd, 2015
The Ashtabula Special
(Ferry Move) NS Train 957
Fort Wayne Railroad
Historical Society  
St. Louis Car Company
United States Army
Fort Wayne Railroad
Historical Society
Canon EOS 70D
Tamron (Canon) 17-50mm
VC f2.8 Zoom Lens
f10.0 @1/50th sec
ISO 100

  Originally built for the Korean War, the car arrived too late for the actual war and was stored with over 50 Army Kitchen and Hospital cars at Toole, UT for 20 years. Through federal surplus property disposal, it went to the state of Kentucky and then to the Kentucky Railway Museum to be used as a food service car behind their BL-2 excursions.
  The car was later purchased by Glenn Brendel, Larry Randolph and Wayne York of the Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society. It made one trip as the food car on the July 1980 Fort Wayne Argos excursions behind NKP #765 and then ti was converted to a tool car for #765. It wa for a period of time numbered 711. After te start of 765's third career, it was named for one of five FWRHS founders, Glenn Brendel, who was really the architect of the FWRS and of the 765's revival. During 2014, it had the quote "Whatever It Takes" painted underneath Glenn's name. The quote stands for what is needed for a mainline steam locomotive to operate over half a century after the end of regular steam on America's railroads. Historical information about this car provided by the Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society via