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Scenic Photos Of Amtrak's Capitol Limited
Train #29 taking a break at Cleveland, OH on August 7th, 2005 with P42DC #194 on the lead.
Train #30 on its station stop at Cleveland, OH with P42DC #96 leading on August 7th, 2005.
Train #30 taking a break at Cleveland, OH on July 10th, 2010 with P42DC #204 on the lead. Digital Photography opens up a whole new range of options with night photography. This photo was created with 2 separate photos that were combined together in Adobe Photoshop to show a more even exposure between the train and platform lights.
Train #29 during its Cleveland, OH station stop with P42DC #5 on the head end. This photo was a combination of 2 photos, done in much the same way as the photo of Train #30 above. Note the sign on the goalpost in the upper-right hand corner of the photo that says "Thank You Cleveland Browns Fans". That sign is over a pedestrian bridge to Cleveland Browns Stadium which is located to the left of this photo and is a short walk from the station.