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Amtrak AEM-7AC #921
Washington, DC
November 3rd, 2014
Northeast Regional #94
Phase V
ASEA/GM Electo-Motive Division
April 1981
Digital Photo
Canon EOS 60D
Tamron (Canon) 17-50mm
f2.8 Zoom Lens
f7.1 @ 1/80th sec
ISO 100
Designed by Allmänna Svenska Elektriska Aktiebolaget (ASEA) in Sweden (now part of the Asea Brown Boveri or ABB Group), these 7000 horsepower-equivalent locomotives were assembled by General Motors Electro-Motive Division as replacement locomotives for the General Electric E60 locomotives. Built in April 1981 with DC Traction, this unit was converted to AC Traction in December 2001. It is also the second Amtrak lcomotive to wear the number 921 (A GG-1 electric was the first). Historical information about this locomotive provided by