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Amtrak GMD GP38H-3 #520
Stuyvesant, NY
December 12th, 2015
Santa Special
Phase V
General Motors Diesel
October 1966
GO Transit
AMTK 192, GO 600, GO 9800, GO 500
Digital Photo
Canon EOS 70D
Tamron (Canon) 17-50mm
VC f2.8 Zoom Lens
f3.5 @ 1/1000th sec
ISO 800


Built by General Motors Diesel in October 1966 for GO Transit, which is Toronto, Ontario Canada's commuter rail system and originally numbered 500. It would be renumbered 9800 and 600 before being purchased by Amtrak in October 1988 and being renumbered 192. Renumbered to 520 in 2001 as Amtrak has a GE P42DC that now has the number 192. Rebuilt by Norfolk Southern Railway at Altoona, PA in October 2004 and is now designated as a GP38H-3. Historical information about this locomotive provided by