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Amtrak California Pacific Surfliner Coach/Café #6305
Fullerton, CA
October 22nd, 2018
Pacific Surfliner #573
Pacific Surfliner
December 2000
Digital Photo
Canon EOS 80D
Canon 17-40mm EF
f4.0L Zoom Lens
f4.0 @ 1/1000th sec
ISO 100
Built in December 2000 as a coach/cafe car featuring coach seating on the upper level and a snack bar on the lower level, operating on Pacific Surfliner trains between Los Angeles & San Diego along with Surfliner trains operating from Los Angeles north to as far as San Luis Obispo. These cars when first built didn't have names but would begin to have names starting in 2008 as they were cycled through Beech Grove for maintenance with this car later being named "Diablo Canyon". Historical information about this car provided by