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Amtrak Niagara Falls, NY Station Building & Platform Photos
  On Saturday, July 30th, 2016, Amtrak unveiled its new state-of-the-art passenger station in Niagara Falls, NY, opening up the station for an Open House for all to see that would feature one of the most incredible collections of all-things-Amtrak, and that is none other than the Amtrak Exhibit Train! The station, located at 825 Depot Ave. West in Niagara Falls is also home to the Niagara Falls Underground Railroad Heritage Center and is built using the original United States Customhouse. Although the station was not yet operating at the time, this event gave the public a chance to see this new station and tour the Exhibit Train. The station is located essentially right next to the Canadian border as the Whirlpool Rapids Bridge to Canada over the Niagara River starts just beyond the west end of the platform! This bridge carries both trains as well as car traffic across the border!
  For me, this travelogue is personal because Niagara Falls is in my own backyard basically as I'm born and raised in Western New York so when I found out about this event, and that the Exhibit Train would be there for it, I knew I needed to cover it on this site! This travelogue will cover the station buildings, platform, exhibit train, and some bonus photos as well that include Amtrak's "Maple Leaf" train as well as some photos of Niagara Falls! To get started, let's take a look at this state-of-the-art modern passenger station...
  At the corner of Depot Ave. West and Main Street in Niagara Falls, NY sits the Amtrak Niagara Falls Station & Customhouse Interpretive Center.  
  The clock tower and platform along with some of the parking lot. The platform stretches over Main Street on the overpass..  
  The new main station building which houses the waiting room on the upper floor and has space for retail business on the lower level.
During today's event, there were also food trucks on-site. I've had some great food over the years from food trucks!
  The original U.S. Customhouse built in 1863. Today, it's on the National Register of Historic Places and the first floor features the Niagara Falls
Underground Railroad Heritage Center while the second floor is used by U.S. Customs & Border Protection for processing in passengers coming
into the U.S. from Canada on the Amtrak "Maple Leaf".
  Now that we've seen the outside grounds, let's step inside Western New York's newest train station!  
  Wow! I've been in train stations in cities much bigger than Niagara Falls and have not seen an entrance like this! Lots of space to move around!  
  Here you see how the new station is attached to the original U.S. Customhouse. Located on the first floor is the Niagara Falls Underground Railroad
Heritage Center. This museum teaches visitors about the history of the Underground Railroad and Abolitionist movement in Niagara Falls.
  A couple of display signs next to the door of the museum with a quote from Harriet Tubman as well as information about how at one point,
the Canadian border represented where slavery ended and freedom began.
  At the time of the Open House, this museum was still under construction but will eventually feature exhibits including one about the Cataract House
hotel as well as a recreation of the International Suspension Bridge where Harriet Tubman and many others crossed to escape slavery.
  Another area of the Customhouse that is part of the museum.  
  A view looking from the top of the stairs at the main entrance area. Again, I have visited train stations all over the country and have not seen one
that has such a huge entrance like this!
  And now we have the main waiting area of the station on the second floor.  
  A view of the waiting area from a different angle.  
  Lots of huge windows let in lots of sunlight in this huge waiting area!  
  As the sign says "To Trains", lets head out to the platform!  
  And here we are, heading out to the platform!  
  The nice, modern platform where you'll board your train! Today, the Exhibit Train is here!!!  
  Another view of this impressive platform, I don't know about you but I REALLY wanna see this Exhibit Train now! Below you'll find links to Roster Photos
and then onto photos of the train's exhibits. Let's Go!