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Amtrak's Exhibit Train Display Car #10093 Photo Tour
  Now that you've seen some roster photos of this excellent train, it's time to take the grand tour of All-Things-Amtrak!!! This train debuted originally in the Spring of 2011 to celebrate Amtrak's 40th Anniversary, and thus was called the "40th Anniversary Exhibit Train" and would embark on a year-long tour across the Amtrak system. After the 40th Anniversary was over, the train was renamed the "Amtrak Exhibit Train" as it is today. The train's displays are built inside three former Santa Fe Baggage Cars that feature historical artifacts that tell the story of Amtrak from its beginnings in 1971 through today. This photo tour will start in the first car, Display Car #10093. After touring the three cars, we'll walk through the Exhibit Train Store which is built inside of an Amfleet I CafĂ© Car. This would be my third time visiting this incredible train. What made this visit even better is that the train visited my own backyard this time being here in Western New York! So without further delay, Amtrak Exhibit Train Tour, OK to Highball...
At the beginning of the first car in the train, we see this original brass Amtrak "chevron" logo (unofficially referred to in some circles as the "pointless arrow" logo) which was originally located inside Washington Union Station along with a display about the history of Amtrak's brand identity from the original logo first introduced
in 1971 to its current "travelmark" logo first introduced in 2000 that is in use today.
You will see period Amtrak uniforms for various crew members throughout the train as well as TV monitors showing videos about different aspects of Amtrak's
operations as well as old commercials and nostalgia.
An historical timeline of important events in the history of Amtrak along with a 1970's photo of a Conductor standing next to an early Amtrak car.
Throughout the train, HO scale model trains help tell the story of different equipment that Amtrak has used since its beginning. This model represents the early 70's
"rainbow era" where the original equipment that was conveyed to Amtrak from the freight railroads would be mixed together. It was not uncommon in Amtrak's early
years to see equipment on one train from half a dozen railroads or more.
There are lots of display cases throughout! This one in the left of this photo shows early Amtrak route guides and tour info along with promotional photos showing
different uniforms worn by crew members in Amtrak's early years.
Examples of different China used in Dining Cars in the Amtrak era.
Some early promotional materials showing Amtrak service in different regions of the country.
An onboard service employee uniform from the early years along with some advertisements and dining car menus.
Here's an example of an early Superliner coach seat featuring those groovy "earth tones" as part of the seat cushion decor!
Some early era Conductor Uniforms (though the one in the middle is wearing a modern Conductor hat).
An HO scale model of a typical Amtrak train in the 1980's lead by EMD F40PH locomotives (just like #406 that is part of this train).
On my first visit to the Exhibit Train back in 2011, an Amtrak employee on that visit recommended I do some photos like this, where I put the camera up against
the end of the clear plastic tube that housed the model trains, so here is an "artistic" photo of an HO scale F40!
Amtrak welcomes the 1980's in this display which features some advertising materials along with some information about the Auto Train. The 80's were an era
where you booked a lot of travel through a travel agent, since this was in the days before the internet.
And here Amtrak welcomes the 1990's and features a display about the German Inter City Express (ICE) train as well as the Swedish X-2000 trains which toured the
Amtrak system in the early 90's along with a Viewliner Sleeping Car ad and Metroliner Service memorabilia. Next up, Display Car #10094!