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Bonus Photos Of Amtrak & Niagara Falls!
  I hope you enjoyed seeing Amtrak's Exhibit Train! I sure know I enjoyed experiencing and photographing it myself! You've now reached the part of the travelogue where you'll see some bonus Amtrak photos as well as photos of Niagara Falls! We are here, in the area that bills itself as the "Honeymoon Capital Of The World" so I felt it would be good to show some photos of the falls themselves. If you've never visited here, you need to! There's really no place like it! Now in full disclosure, this event was held in July 2016 as you already know, whereas the photos of Niagara Falls you see here were taken in June 2018, yes, I know it was two years later but I've been so busy with life in general that I'm just now finishing up travelogues from the 2016 calendar year and figured the falls should be included, sorry for the delay! Anyway I hope you enjoy the photos and until next time, when I'll be taking my next big cross-country Amtrak vacation trip, Happy Railfanning!!!
  From the platform side, we see GE P42DC #156 in Phase I paint was the actual leading locomotive today for the Exhibit Train. During the train's first year of
operation in 2011, P40DC #822 in Phase III paint toured with the train.
  EMD F40PHR #406 provided Head-End Power to the train. This locomotive is an example of what was once Amtrak's primary road power back in the 80's and 90's.  
  Looking north from Main Street in Niagara Falls at the Exhibit Train parked at the station whose platform stretches over the street on the other side of the train.  
  Another view of the train from a higher angle.  
  A view of the station platform after the Exhibit Train departed as it was now after 4:00pm and the track needed to be cleared for...see next photo!  
  That would be none other than Amtrak Train #63 - The Toronto-bound "Maple Leaf" powered today by GE P42DC #24!  
  A scene that will eventually be repeated daily with this train actually stopping at this station before heading across the Niagara River into Canada!  
  OK now here's some photos of Niagara Falls. I needed pictures of the falls to use as parts of several web graphics created for this travelogue so on June 9th, 2018,
I actually drove over to Canada and visited the Skylon Tower which provides a view that is 775 feet above the falls, not a bad view! For entirely geographical
reasons, the Canadian side has the better view of the falls! Here we have the "American Falls" which are located entirely on the American side of the border.
  And here are the "Horseshoe Falls" whose location spans both sides of the international border, also seen from the Skylon Tower!  
  And now with the help of my Sigma 10-20mm super-wide-angle lens, we have both sets of the falls in one picture!  
  And now a couple views from alongside Niagara Parkway in Niagara Falls, Ontario, we have the American Falls with the "Maid Of The Mist" boat tour riding by.  
  Yes, the Maid Of The Mist gets that close to the Horseshoe Falls, even closer than what you see in this photo! This boat tour boards from the American Side and
is located inside the Niagara Falls State Park. A similar tour operates from the Canadian side called the "Hornblower".
  And finally one more photo of the Horseshoe Falls. I hope you enjoyed seeing Niagara Falls!
Check out the links below for more information or to help plan a trip here!