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Silver Rails Country 2012: Amtrak Station - La Plata, MO
  When you come to Silver Rails Country by rail, your entrance to everything is at the La Plata, MO Amtrak Station. The station is an original Santa Fe passenger station on the route of Amtrak's Southwest Chief on tracks known today as the BNSF Marceline Sub. The Station is located at 535 North Owensby Street in La Plata and is staffed by caretakers Bob & Amy Cox along with Larry Leibundguth. Tickets are not sold at this station but one or more of the caretakers are always at the station during the advertised hours to help passengers on and off the train as well as help with baggage and passenger assistance. I arrived here on the Chief on October 15th myself and decided to make this my first destination each day I was in La Plata as the eastbound Southwest Chief is scheduled to arrive here every morning at 9:55am. Included here are photos taken at this wonderful station during the 3 days I was in La Plata! Enjoy...
A wide-angle view of the station grounds as seen from the road crossing at North Owensby Street.
On Tuesday, October 16th, 2012, Amtrak Train #4 - The Southwest Chief arrives in La Plata with P42DC #57
on the head end with a private car bringing up the markers.
The private car on the end of the Chief as shown above. This is Northern Sky Charters Grand Touring Car "Northern Sky".
LEFT: A view of the station building and the Amtrak Information board looking west. RIGHT: The door on the platform shows
the station's hours of operation as well as Amtrak's phone number and web site.
The waiting room inside La Plat Station. The baggage cart against the wall features Amtrak timetables and brochures for passengers.
Although Amtrak does not sell tickets from this station, the original Santa Fe ticket booth remains.
The caretakers of this station have done an excellent job keeping it looking great!
The schedule board tells you when the trains are scheduled to arrive here.
There is no shortage of freight trains running past La Plata station each day such as this BNSF freight lead by GE ES44DC #7412.
There's no way I could visit Silver Rails Country and not do some night photography also!!! Here's La Plata Station, all in lights!!!
Here is Amtrak Train #3 - The Southwest Chief during its station stop at La Plata on October 16th, 2012.
The next morning on October 17th, Train #4 - The Southwest Chief arrives with P42DC #125 on the head end.
The following morning on October 18th, Train #4 had Phase IV-painted P42DC #184 leading! This is one of 4 P42's Amtrak painted up
in celebration of its 40th Anniversary back in 2011. This would also not be the only time I would see it on this trip, stay tuned!!!
  Seeing Amtrak arrive in La Plata each morning was a great way to start each day in Silver Rails Country! Next up, check out a boutique hotel that is all railroad-themed, and by far, one of the nicest hotels I've ever stayed in, The Depot Inn & Suites! Click the link below!!!