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Silver Rails Country 2012: Headquarters
  On October 16th, after photographing Amtrak's Southwest Chief, I walked over to the nearby world headquarters of which is a TrainWeb-owned online retailer of train-related party items from balloons to banners, to everything "Thomas The Tank Engine" to train-themed cups, plates, and hats. Basically, if you're having a train-themed party, this is the place to buy everything you need except maybe an actual chocolate cake shaped like Thomas (though you can by a cake pan shaped like him)! Included here are a few photos taken of their facilities. Special thanks to Shivam, one of TrainParty's employees and a programmer for, the excellent web host who has hosted this site since day one, for the tour of the facility and for the Amtrak balloon!!!
TrainParty's facility is located next to the BNSF Marceline Sub where Amtrak's Southwest Chief makes its daily run between
Chicago and Los Angeles. This October 16th photo shows the eastbound train passing by.
TrainParty's building is a former fertilizer factory.
The track behind the building is landlocked, thus no connection to an active mainline. A portion of it was used as the panel track
for the Exhibition Of Amtrak History behind the Depot Inn & Suites.
  Check out TrainParty's web site for more information on the wide range of products this great company offers! After visiting TrainParty, I was off to visit the Exhibition Of Amtrak History, a place that I particularly was interested in considering my favorite railroad, and the reason why this web site exists in the first place, is our nation's passenger railroad! Check out the link to this great museum on rails below!!!