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Photos Taken While Riding On Amtrak's Sunset Limited
  Amtrak Train #1, with GE P42DC #48 for power, the same locomotive that brought me here from Chicago yesterday on Train #59! The train is seen
just before departure from the Crescent City of New Orleans, bound for the City Of Angels, Los Angeles, CA.
  CP Clara Tower in Amtrak's Maintenance Facility area outside New Orleans Union Station, shortly after departing there. This is also know as the
Clara Street Tower. The Mercedes-Benz Superdome, home of the National Football League's New Orleans Saints is located in the background.
  The old East Bridge Junction Tower next to former Illinois Central (now Canadian National) tracks at East Bridge Junction.  
  A view of some equipment from the New Orleans Public Belt Railroad.  
  Now climbing as we make our way to the Huey P. Long Bridge to cross the Mississippi River and head out of New Orleans. I thought I'd include
a photo of a restaurant that reminds me of home, good old Buffalo Wild Wings! I'm Hungry!
  The Huey P. Long Bridge also carries U.S. Route 90 over the Mississippi River as seen in this photo. This bridge is named after the
former Governor of Louisiana and is located in a part of New Orleans known as Jefferson Parish.
  Looking across the river (the Mississippi River bends shortly after we cross over it) with the Superdome in view with the Crescent City.  
  A double-track main is carried on the bridge, the railroad is the New Orleans Public Belt Railroad.  
  A look at the mighty Mississippi River!  
  The cranes in this photo are part of the Ingalls Shipbuilding company and this photo was taken having crossed the Mississippi.  
  This bridge has one long approach once you cross the river.  
  One more look at the Crescent City of New Orleans.  
  Looking out at Bridge City, LA with U.S. 90 in the far left of the photo. The approach for the bridge is quite long.  
  One last look at this very impressive cantilevered steel through truss bridge that is the Huey P. Long Bridge which opened in 1935.  
  Passing by the Bridge City Water Treatment Plant.  
  Union Pacific EMD GP38-2 #597 parked in Avondale, LA.  
  Time for a quick lunch of a "Tempting Turkey" sandwich and a Diet Pepsi from the lounge car, good eats!!!  
  Passing through Bayou des Allemends, LA.  
  Passing through some "never ending" sugar cane fields in Thibodaux, LA.  
  Louisiana & Delta Railroad EMD GP10 #1852 is seen at Schreiver, LA. This railroad is owned by Genesee & Wyoming Inc. which also owns
the Buffalo & Pittsburgh Railroad back home in New York.
  Crossing the Avoca Island Cutoff near Morgan City, LA. The bridges in the background carry U.S. 90.  
  Paralleling Railroad Avenue in Morgan City, LA.  
  Crossing the Atchafalaya River now in light rain at Berwick Bay, LA. The bridge closest to the railroad carries U.S. 90 over the river and the bridge
behind it carries Louisiana Route 182 across.
  Now arriving at New Iberia, LA. A station that was originally built in 1900 for the Texas & New Orleans Railroad. The Louisiana & Delta Railroad
is also based at this station. This station has one feature that has all but disappeared from a lot of train stations, a pay phone!
  Passing by the end of Runway 4 at the Lafayette Regional Airport at Lafayette, LA.  
  Time for lunch! Today I would have the Panko-Crusted Breast of Chicken with mashed potatoes & onion gravy with a Diet Pepsi, delicious!!!  
  Some swamps at Lake Charles, LA.  
  Passing a Phillips 66 Oil Refinery at Westlake, LA.  
  Crossing the Sabine River, leaving the Pelican State of Louisiana and entering the Lone Star State of Texas!  
  Passing Orion Engineered Carbons in Orange, TX.  
  A view of Adams Bayou, TX.  
  Crossing the Neches River into the City of Beaumont, TX. The park to the left of the photo is known as River Front Park.  
  Now arriving at the first stop in the Lone Star State at Beaumont, TX.  
  Taking a break at Beaumont. This stop is a designated smoking/fresh air stop as well as a crew-change point for the Sunset Limited.  
  Amtrak's Beaumont station is not staffed but does provide a place to stay out of the rain.  
  Welcome to Beaumont! I'm somehow reminded of the song "26 Cents" by The Wilkinsons which mentions this Texas city in its lyrics!  
  Rail Ventures Inc. Private Car "Yerba Buena" was along for the ride and would be with us on the end of the train as far as San Antonio.  
  Another view of the Beaumont Station.  
  At one point, Amtrak operated under three "Strategic Business Units", Amtrak Northeast Corridor, Amtrak Inter-City and Amtrak West. This particular
Superliner was once part of the Amtrak West equipment pool as evidenced by the image of this faded decal which interestingly says "Where Excellence
Shows Through", and it's still showing all these years later after the business units were folded back into one company! This was on Superliner II
Sleeping Car #32111 which at one point adorned the name "Texas" and that's where we are, how cool!