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The New York Central's Famous 4-4-0 Steamer #999
On May 10th, 1893 this locomotive set a land speed record of 112.5mph near Buffalo, NY while pulling the
Empire State Express. This has to be one of the earliest examples of High Speed Rail in America!
Close-up view of #999's cab.
#999's tender. N.Y.C.&H.R.R.R. stands for New York Central & Hudson River Railroad which is
the Central's full name.
The Queen of Speed, this sign says it all!
Another view of #999 with oh, just a Boeing 727-100 hanging from the balcony in the background!
You'll see that airliner a bit later in the travelogue.
This sign explains what made this steamer run so fast!
LEFT: #999's cab. The inside of that firebox "looks like hell" literally! RIGHT: The engineer (model) operating the locomotive!
Coal in the tender from #999!
Located inside the Buffalo-Depew Amtrak Station is this commemorative plaque dedicating the 100th Anniversary of the day the #999
set it's land speed record near Buffalo. The plaque was erected in 1993 by the Western New York Railway Historical Society.