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Andy Anderson Amtrak Journey: American Airlines
Leg Six - October 9th - American Airlines to Wichita, KS
andy anderson train site O'hare airport
The tunnel connecting terminals at Chicago O'Hare is like a 60's ligh tshow
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The Final Journey

To be honest with you, the end of the journey is not all that exciting. It's like reading a mystery novel, and knowing the ending. With that said, I'll tell you the last part of the story.

I get up at 5:00a, exercise and shower. Then I turn on the television, and do a channel flip. For some reason, I get hooked on this STUPID movie called Max Paine... Don't ask me why. Anyway I kill time with the movie and then decide that waiting until 2:30p to go home was about as stupid decision as watching this dumb movie. Anyway, I call the American Airlines elite desk and ask if they have something earlier that I can get out on. They tell me I just missed the 7:20a flight (so much for killing time watching a dumb movie), but that I can get on the 11:00a flight, if I want. I tell them to confirm the flight, and with that accomplished, I throw all my stuff into my cases, and head downstairs to check out.

The nice thing about being at the O'Hare Hilton is that the hotel is at the airport. I check out, walk across the street and into the terminals. I check in without problem, and since this is a small regional jet, get a seat on the single side of the plane. Then, I head to the dreaded metal detectors. Nice thing about big airports is that they have a special line for priority fliers; however, at this particular time, there's not many people in either line, and I get through security in about 5 minutes.

With two hours to wait, I have breakfast at a Chili's restaurant. Another nice thing about big airports is that they have some nice places to eat. After eating, I head to the American Airlines lounge, and kick back until my flight.

At 11:00a we take off into the friendly skies, and land 15 minutes early in Wichita. I take a taxi home (Bonnie was unable to pick me up), and when I got home, I was greeted by our Jack Russell, Lovejoy. Since I spoil him more than Bonnie, he's real glad to see me.

Well, that's about it. With the exception of the suicide dude jumping in front of the train in California, the trip was fantastic. If you're thinking about doing something different for a vacation, why not make part of that journey a train trip. It doesn't have to be as long as my trips are, but you could at least do something a bit shorter.

Give it a try, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

There will be photos... There's always are photos; however, it will take me some time to sort through them. So check back... They'll be there.

Keep the faith, and keep traveling.


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Keep the faith... And keep traveling
Andy Anderson